Why Nokia!


There a couple of manufacturers out there right now.

  • Nokia
  • Sony Ericsson
  • Motorola
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Imate

The only two I even consider as viable phones for my choices is Sony Ericsson and Nokia, because I am not that fond of the OS which the others have developed. I have had a couple of Imates and they are only for business they are customizable friendly. Make themes and setting up profiles can be sometimes tedious on the windows mobile 5.0. I especially dont like the Motorola operating system, since it doesn’t even come close to the other manufacturers when it comes to simplicity of the software it isnt intuitive. So Nokia and Sony Ericsson seemed ot have done well with products that interact with clients easily and intuintivly.

My Nokia N73 has gotten very banged up over the last couple of months and I bought it in its first release when it came out and on Thursday I took it to my phone guy to get it upgraded and have the covers replaced completely and the center button added again. And so I transfered everything onto my Nokia E60 just using the builtin syncronization tool which makes that happen. After that i formated my cell phone before handing it over for the upgrade. Backing up cellphones between phones is what I love about the Nokias, I copied contacts, calender entries, text msgs, gallery, and a few other things from one phone to the other without any issues. I just hope the upgrade speeds up the phone and makes it like new again!

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  1. lfc-q8

    hey Z now u can upgrade ur nokia`s frameware online and for free just visit nokia`s europian website
    i wish if it was like the sony/ericson where u can do it over the air :S

  2. I prefer Nokia because the 0 is the spacebar hehe whereas in Sony the # is the spacebar ;p

  3. moto, LG and samsung OSs sucks! SonyE & Nokia are pretty cool ones…imate/winmob is not tooo bad!

  4. Nora-Cassandra

    I told you I loved Nokia! I won’t even really give a look to the other phones. Well if you are form the Nokia country you’ll feel the same!
    My cousin is working in a company that get those software done for Nokia! He updated my phone week after Christmas and I found it kind of faster but well got a new memory card (1GB)! I like my N 73 with the new dark pink cover.

  5. cixousianpanic: yeah its the OS!

    lfc-q8: I know you can but my phone was banged up too and needed some new buttoms so I decided to replace the covers as well! Thats why I took it in instead of upgrading at home!

    DR: Sony Ericcson soooooooo much better! You wont regret it, no matter how thin Samsung go its a horrible OS!

    Jacqui: hahaha… I know what you mean!

    CyberRowdy: I agree with you on that, I have a winmob/imate and its very very useful but not enjoyable to use like a SonyEricsson and Nokia

    Nora: hehehe.. You probably love Nokia more then anyone.. are there any Sony Ericssons in Finland? Dark Pink Cover? Where did you get the cover? I was think of hand paiting mine but it would probably look very tacky so I threw the idea out! hehehehe

  6. Nora-Cassandra

    I got it my cover from a friend!! They haven’t let out the cover yet but they let out the dark pink edition of N73!
    We do have other phones too. You’ll find the younger people like my sister with Moto or Sams. It might be because they’re cheaper! But Eric is Swedish!! So Finns say they won’t use the enemy’s products! Even though you’ll find many using it and about 20% of Finns are Swedish speakers!
    Don’t hand paint!! Spray!!!! Use the same colouring spray that is use to paint cars!!! I have a friend that did it!! His N73 became really cool Blue and White! GO FOR IT!!!

  7. I am waiting for the N76 to come out. However I am using right now the LG Chocolate which sometimes makes me want to smack it in the head but it’s not bad overall.

  8. Yeah I have N73 and I get lots of lagging from it. I wish to upgrade it but I don’t think the mobile phone stores here have such a thing since they still haven’t heard of Nokia’s N-series :(

  9. oohh i hav that problem now.. i bought a new phone and my brother wants my old one but i cant get myself to erase all my msgs cuz i love them so i thought id go to the shop and tell them to transfer my msgs and my calender entries..

    should i go or is there an easy way for my little brain to understand ? :/

  10. can’t ya just put everything on the memory card and take the card out? why did you have to transfer the stuff?

    i’s looking into investing in a phone where i can see email because i hate going to a meeting only to find out it was canceled and they sent me an email :/
    bss who knows i might change my mind … if i do change my phone it will most likely happen this summer while in K town

  11. I love the N73, especially the phone (which in independent tests, people preferred the image from the N73 compared with K800). anyway… 1 thing missing from Nokia phones and it’s very very useful….
    On i-mate’s, you start to type in a phone number, and it will match with Names in your phonebook. Good if you miss a call and for some reason the name doesn’t come up. Also, when searching for names in the phonebook, the imate uses T9, so you don’t have to type the individual letter to find a contact.

  12. Nora: hehehe I will use car paint then when I have a chance! So sweds dont use Nokias and Finnish dont use Ericsson! hehehe! Blue and white now that would be interesting!

    Swair: Im happy with what I got!

    Jacqui: LG hmmm.. not to my taste! yeah you like dem camera phones!

    Angelo: You have to upgrade bil ikwait wila online! You can check the firmware updates from Nokia.com for your phone and update online!

    Amo0ora: If you have two new nokias you can transfer the msgs from phone to phone, for it copied the msgs from the N76 to the E60! So it can be done easily, and if you can’t find the “Transfer” program then just go to a shop that you know!

    Laialy: You can’t transfer contacts or msgs through the memory card. I dont know why, but thats how it is on every phone! hmmm what kind of email do you want to check? Pop email or a gmail type email.

    moocherx: Yeah the way the imates are a bit intuitive does help but it gets very annoying sometimes! I feel like the OS is stiff when the Nokia’s is better!

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