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Why Nokia!


There a couple of manufacturers out there right now.

  • Nokia
  • Sony Ericsson
  • Motorola
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Imate

The only two I even consider as viable phones for my choices is Sony Ericsson and Nokia, because I am not that fond of the OS which the others have developed. I have had a couple of Imates and they are only for business they are customizable friendly. Make themes and setting up profiles can be sometimes tedious on the windows mobile 5.0. I especially dont like the Motorola operating system, since it doesn’t even come close to the other manufacturers when it comes to simplicity of the software it isnt intuitive. So Nokia and Sony Ericsson seemed ot have done well with products that interact with clients easily and intuintivly.

My Nokia N73 has gotten very banged up over the last couple of months and I bought it in its first release when it came out and on Thursday I took it to my phone guy to get it upgraded and have the covers replaced completely and the center button added again. And so I transfered everything onto my Nokia E60 just using the builtin syncronization tool which makes that happen. After that i formated my cell phone before handing it over for the upgrade. Backing up cellphones between phones is what I love about the Nokias, I copied contacts, calender entries, text msgs, gallery, and a few other things from one phone to the other without any issues. I just hope the upgrade speeds up the phone and makes it like new again!