Funny Day


So after riding I got home I was happy I had sometime on my hands and I had a few things I wanted to do!

I headed straight for the basement to continue to watch Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest. I watched an hour and a bit last night but I had to get up early the morning to go riding so I couldn’t keep on watching the movie. I decided to finish the movie before starting on things I wanted to finish. I really enjoyed the movie and it was entertaining and I can’t wait to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3! So then I went up stairs and started organizing some papers I had and I decided to get a few things done.

I remember I wanted to get some music off an old mp3 player but for the life of me I was having trouble finding the drivers for it. After 20 minutes of searching forums I managed to find the drivers in the depths of the net and then I had to find software to get music off of the MP3 player since it wasn’t showing up as a hard drive. I was just happy I got a lot of my old music back! I’m slowly getting my music folder in older! I know I got a lot scattered all over the place but these are the first steps.

Then I was cleaning up some old CDs and listening to them seeing how to organize them! It feels good that I am organizing things well!

My brother, his wife, and my nephew came along! So I after a little organizing on the pc I was sitting with them and I was getting hungry. When I smelt lunch I got hungrier and I was feeling tired. I was happy we had some good stuff on the table, and I eat quickly because I was hungry. People were still eating and talking while I was slowly passing out on the table.

After getting up from the table I washed up and decided to take a nap, which ended up to be a 4 hour nap! I was tired but when I got up I had the sudden urge to have 31 Baskin Robins Orange Sherbert! I really wanted it, I dont know why! But when I walked outside I saw the tangerines and I went straight for it! It was good! I ate while watching some anime! I felt good and i knew I would be sleeping well tonight!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i want that sofa!! @@ now!

    nice day wallah i like it .. kinda calm
    exept the part u were passing out eating fast and ur cravings lol
    reminded me of my sister when she got pregnant :p
    hehehehehe cute!

    inshalah when pirates 3 is released, go watch it in the cinema waaayid a7la :D ok … go out shwaya have some fun :)

  2. i just imagine a guy throwing himself on a box of tangerines and hugging them. hehehe

  3. Nora-Cassandra

    It seems you had a very nice day! I watched the Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest 2 days before Christmas! It was really good, just waiting for the 3rd!
    About organizing and fixing my stuff that’s something I rarely do! My husband does it in our family, as well as the cooking! Oh I miss the Kuwaiti table so much! I do some stuff sometimes but they don’t taste the same here. I just think the spices and the ingredients are not the same quality here!
    I have to say also that my naps are never less than 3-4 hours!
    I still think you remind me of me!

  4. no3ik: it wasn’t a bad day, but I was completely off wack! hehehe! I know the cinema is better but I hate cut moments! they drive me nuts!

    Laialy: LOOOOOL! It almost happened in the desert! Somebody was coming close to my box of tangerines! hehehe

    Nora: hehehe! So am I the male version of you? hmmmmm… I usually dont like taking long naps but I was tired! hehehe!

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