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My Bike Stolen


My friend just called me from the US around 1:30 am their time. I thought he was out doing something and decided to call me.

When I called him back he seemed to be in a quiet area so I asked him what was up and how he was doing. He told me that he just got off work an hour ago and when he came to my friend’s apartment the bike wasn’t there. After checking it seemed that my 05 Yamaha R1 was stolen from the parking spot inside the apartment complex. He was pissed and I was pissed! It happened inside a gated apartment complex in a relatively safe area! It pissed me off and the guy or guys who did this must have been planning this for a while!

I want to rip the guys throat out who did this! I am happy that bike is fully insured but I know how the insurance company is and they will make it difficult to pay the amount. They will go for the market value of the motorcycle, it is worth $10’500 when first bought they will try to offer $5000 for it, but it is easily worth $8000 to $9000 since had only 4700 miles = 7200 Kms for a 2005 Yamaha R1 that is nothing! And it was dealer serviced at all the right intervals, even all modifications were made by the dealer.

This is really disturbing news! And it got on my nerves, my friend is really pissed because it happened inside the apartment complex and there isn’t a video surveilance for entry and exit from the complex, but there is a security code. This is going to be hell dealing with insurance, and they will take one to two months to search for the bike and two more months to pay up. And my friend loves bikes as much as me, and to us this is something personal! Damn it!