Two Orders


I ordered some dvds from Amazon to be directly sent to me through DHL, and I ordered an mp3 player to be sent through Aramex to Kuwait. We shall see how this turns out.

I wanted to test which one would just come through! One thing is that I want to see who will deliver faster DHL or Aramex. have a peek at these guys I will be posting the list of DVDs and the one gadget that I want! I know that DHL will arrive sooner, but I just want to see what happens with customs in Kuwait. Hopefully this time it won’t get stuck for two months!

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  1. Zainab

    i think so far the best one is Aramex. because they provide you with a virtual mail box adress within the US, on which your orders will be shipped. and automatically forwarded to you adress in KWT. and regarding the delivery time, in my opinion its quite normal and not bad at all …..

  2. hey marzouq, how can I make Amazon ship my stuff to Kuwait through DHL?

  3. i think even dhl will be bit late…
    well not always but sometimes theyre not on time.

  4. Zainab: yeah I have an Aramex US mail box, but sometimes they are extremely slow and its drives me nuts!

    Stafa: If you are just ordering DVDs and Books then you can have it directly delivered to Kuwait and they use DHL, all you have to do is put your Kuwait address and charge the same credit card!

    no3ik: DHL came faster then expected! hehehe

  5. thnx for the info marzouq…
    just wondering, are there any issues with customs just like ushopweship has? did u pay anything for customs to clear ur dvd;s when u shipped with DHL?

  6. Tall

    Dears, It is really fun to see the outcome of this.
    But let me tell you my honest opinion in this. We tend to believe that DHL is faster than Aramex. This can be true and can be not. But why are we looking from this narrow scope only, leaving other important parameters not tackled.
    Aramex as Zainab said provides a virtual mailbox address within the US where you can use it for your correspondences as well as your orders. Even your friends and relatives in the states can send you things to your mailbox and you will receive them at your door steps.
    On the other hand, why are we neglecting the price issue which is as important as delivery time. For some people, it is even more important than time. I believe Aramex provides competitive rates than DHL. This can be illustrated when you bring higher weights through SHOP&SHIP compared to DHL. Also, if you have several orders in your mailbox, you get them together at even better rates compared to DHL that will be shipping each order separately ending up paying more.
    Nevertheless, I heard that Aramex will soon ship directly to Kuwait from the US instead of going to Dubai and then Kuwait which again will save lots of time in the future.
    Believe me folks, I think with all these points combined; Aramex is doing its utmost to provide an excellent service that is much better than others.
    Finally, I may seem biased to Aramex. Why not. I am an Arabic person who is proud of other Arabic people who are able to compete on the international level with others. That makes you proud to be Arabic.

  7. Stafa: You pay a small amount, but I didn’t pay this time from DHL. There were no issues what so ever! I got my items extremely faster then I expected!

    Laialy: its like the turtle and the hare, and this time the turtle played dead!

    Tall: Its all fine and dandy having a virtual mailbox, but what is the point if you dont get the items in a timely manner. I have been so fed up that I would rather pay more to get my items without getting my nerves bent out of shape. This isn’t looking at it from a narrow scope really, you look at it realisticly. DHL, Fed Ex, and UPS are at a higher level in my opinion for regular consumers then aramex, tnt, and the others. Tall this has nothing to do with being arab or otherwise, I am paying for a product and I’m expecting a service with aramex there have been times where my products have been delayed over two weeks and then stuck in customs for a long time. I can understand that customs is out of your hands but the weekly delivery being late isn’t something I find acceptable. Im all fine with paying more to get good service, but aramex doesn’t even provide that option. I can’t make a purchase and have it shipped right away. I think you are biased towards Aramex since you work for them, but correct me if I am wrong. All I am saying is that people can have items delivered directly to Kuwait through DHL with less headache, if you can prove me wrong please do.

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