Evergreen’s 2n1 HDMI Switch


This is one hell of a cool small HDMI switch and its 1080p! And you can connect an Infrared connection to it which can be hid somewhere! The remote is small and has only two buttons. This machine is only currently available in Japan.

Link: Engadget

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  1. lfc-q8

    i installed it last week and its amazing it comes with a remote and i downloaded the IR codes for my harmony 880 into it + it has a smart search feature so the as soon as u turn ur device on it will switch to it and u can desable this and just use the remote to flip from source to srouce :)

  2. lfc-q8: The thing about this one is that it is so small! The one you have is great! But its big for me, but how is the 880 harmony doing for you?

  3. lfc-q8

    880 is so damn great i had a problem with the charging base but i fixed it and now just waitig for some one to do a bluetooth adaptor for the ps3 so i can use it on it… i know some ppl retro fitted it on a ps3 but it looks ugly
    btw the hdmi switch its not that bad just put it ontop of ur av reciver and ur all set you wont notice it :)

  4. lfc-q8: nice! Have you seen the new Monster universal remote? They are using the same platform as the 880 with a few extra features!

  5. lfc-Q8

    i saw it but its a bit pricy for me id stick with the 880 :)

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