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Hotmail LIVE


I don’t know about others but at this point I am getting more and more fed up with Hotmail Live. 1 out of every 200 times does the normal Live load, I usually have to go to the “Lite Version” or now they call it the “Classic Version”

I would use the normal version if it loaded! It isn’t that bad, and it does have some useful features if only it would load. The email system seems to be very heavy when you click to read emails unlike Gmail which loads as if they are light as a feather.

There are still features missing on the “Classic Version”, but they have improved since now you can select everyone on the list and delete if you want unlike before, and you have a few more useful tools. But it still feels like something isn’t working right. I currently only check my hotmail once every one to two weeks, and I only use it for orders or subscriptions so I can check it and see exactly what is going with my deliveries and keep track of things. For my day to day email I use my Gmail more then anything else. At this point I have given up on Hotmail Live improving, I never thought they could take a service and make it so unfriendly and daunting to use, they should take a look at what Yahoo did and learn from them.

For once I just want the normal Hotmail Live to load, is that too much to ask….