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Stolen Bike Update


So I was on the phone with my friend for a while after filing the police report around 4 am his time which is 3pm our time. It turns out they took a screwdriver to the ignition and broke the lock with a hammer, so they knocked the screwdriver with the hammer to break the steering lock and roll the bike away. The ignition piece was found on the ground by the police officer.

The police officer said the insurance company has 30 days to find the bike in any condition it may be in. And then they will make an offer on the motorcycle based on market value. The police officer also said to post the VIN number and pictures of the motorcycle on craigs list and say that it was stolen so that no one buys the stolen bike.

Now my friend and I are looking at Lo Jack for motorcycles as option for the two motorcycles (Triumph Daytona 675 & Yamaha FZ6) that weren’t stolen. She also told my friend to call the insurance company the next morning to give them police report number.