Audi R8


Price: £70,000

Engine: 4.2-litre V8, 420bhp

0-62 mph: 4.6 seconds

Top Speed: 187 mph

Transmission: Six-speed manual, four-wheel drive

At this point only 75 of these vehicles have been alotted to the whole Middle East! It looks sharp, and something Audi has developed with attitude. This car makes a statement and you probably won’t mistake it for another. It has an aluminum and carbon fiber body and they are aiming for the Prosche 911’s title with this one. Audi has been making really amazing cars over the past four years and hopefully this is one which will be added to the list.






Link: Autoexpress

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  1. Nora-Cassandra

    OH MY GOD!!!! I’m in love!!! I think I won’t be getting over this for a long time!
    My husband won’t let me get this for sure! Not just because it’s expensive for our pockets, but also I’ll be visiting the police every 6 months to pick up my driving licenses!! (They take you licenses if you are really over speeding here and of course a big fine!!)
    Why do you do that to me? I’ll tell my husband it’s all your fault!

  2. i want one i want one i want one


  3. Nora-Cassandra

    By the way!! I have never tried a manual car with 6 gears!! I always wanted to give one a try!

  4. Nora: hahahaha! If your blaming me for the car then you really must be blaming me for the bikes! hehehe! Visiting the cops! Reminds me of my days with the cops in the states! They knew me after a while! hehehe!

    Ali & Musaed: hehehe, yeah its nice!

    Mark: hahahaha, who wouldn’t!

    Nora: Really! You should, when you get the hang of it you will love it! My Landcruiser is a 5 speed manual, and its fun as hell! Its like you feel you can make it go faster! hehehe :)

  5. Nora-Cassandra

    I have a 5 speed manual car as well! But 6 I have to try!!!
    I remember in Kuwait all the cops got to know me from the trouble I made cars, bikes and even fights!!
    I can’t believe it’s been that long!
    My mum blames everyone else but me for my troubles (BIKES) so why not blame you for the car?? Hehe

  6. ahh that loooks nice..

    iv beeen seeing alot of those around kuwait lately, i think the guys are really loving it hehe ;p

    i think it looks coool bss kinda manly dont ya think ?

  7. Nora-Cassandra

    Please AmoOora don’t say manly!!! I’m a woman!! A mother, a wife and beautician! I love these stuff, so dose it make me manly woman? NO! May be in Kuwait? But my friends were telling me when I lived there that I’m not it’s just that I have more interests than a usual Kuwaiti woman!
    I think you were not born for a F1 and Rally loving mother like I was! Still I respect your opinion!

  8. Watya

    The looks of the car are unbelievable but i have to say that i expected more performance coming from an Audi R8. Especially that this is their entry into the exotic sports car arena! My gut feeling is that they have an RS8 installed for the near future with more power and better performance. The number you have listed are easily matched by a Corvette for half the price! (as you can see i love cars!)

  9. If I see your R8 down the gym parking lot, can i borrow the keys?

  10. Nora: your right a six speed manual is abit different! You made trouble and now your a mom! hehehe! lool! So Im out for the bikes! hehehe

    Amo0ora: This car isn’t even out yet, the Audi TT has a vaguely similar shape, but has NOTHING on the R8!!! I think its just a sports car, its like a woman wanted a Lamborghini! It just looks hawt, not manly! hehehe

    Watya: the Corvete Z06 is the fastest monster out there right now and it can beat 99% of cars two to five times its price! Its a fast car in the right hands, but it won’t handle as good as the R8. If I had to choose between the two I wont lie, I would go for the Z06 since I love that car too! hehehe! But the R8 is a refined vehicle that Audi is trying to play safe with, I bet there will be modifications to it later!

    moocherx: No problem it can be arranged!

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