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I got these two compilation CDs having good expectations but usually its not all the songs that appeal to me. This time it was a little different I really like both Ministry of Sound The Annual 2007 and HedKandi Nu Cool.


HedKandi NuCool

“Lounge Grooves and Sassy Beats”

This CD really got me going, I was surprised that it was this good with Jazzy beats and cool songs! I really enjoyed and it has some old school songs tied in with it.



Ministry of Sound The Annual 2007

This comes with two CDs and a DVD, and the two CDs have a very good compilation. I was surprised that I liked most of the songs on the CD! I usually try to avoid the Euro songs which are too cluby and don’t have a funky rythim to them, but these compilation does. I know I get caught up with the songs and it feels damn good.


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  1. I have all hedkandi CDs, I love them all, they take u to a different world!!

  2. nQ

    i LOVE the song “beautiful”
    reminds me of londonese times!

  3. BLaSha: Very true! they hit the spot! :)

    nQ: hehehe! Thats what I like about the songs, when your listening to them you really are somewhere else!

  4. ministry of sound is cool but too commercial and they repeat some of the tracks over and over again in their compilation, check out roger sanchez releaseyourself vol:1-5 .. its a good listen

  5. DJ X|FADER: I will check out the Roger Sanchez release! Thanks! When it comes to MoS its good for someone like me, I listen hip hop, rap, RnB most of the time so these CDs give me a good combination of songs that I dont listen to all the time, but it can get repetitive if you buy a couple of their CDs, but the songs are good on this one

  6. Well, since you didn’t post actual photos of the CD’s just like you do with every product you buy, and since I downloaded the same CD’s in the same exact order from the internet, I’m gonna assume that you downloaded these albums and didn’t actualy buy them :)

    So, the question remains, did you also download them from “the sky is so blue” blog as i have? :)

  7. beekay: nope I bought these while I was in London. What blog is this that you can download them from? Very interesting, but I am really enjoying the CDs! It takes me sometime to go through CDs since I really like to listen to them!

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