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Cool CDs

I got these two compilation CDs having good expectations but usually its not all the songs that appeal to me. This time it was a little different I really like both Ministry of Sound The Annual 2007 and HedKandi Nu Cool.


HedKandi NuCool

“Lounge Grooves and Sassy Beats”

This CD really got me going, I was surprised that it was this good with Jazzy beats and cool songs! I really enjoyed and it has some old school songs tied in with it.



Ministry of Sound The Annual 2007

This comes with two CDs and a DVD, and the two CDs have a very good compilation. I was surprised that I liked most of the songs on the CD! I usually try to avoid the Euro songs which are too cluby and don’t have a funky rythim to them, but these compilation does. I know I get caught up with the songs and it feels damn good.