It Arrived!


Items shipped on January 25, 2007:
Delivery estimate: January 31, 2007 (It Arrived January 28,2007)

Nothing more can be said! DHL did what I only can dream of! The items got here without any delay and I was totally and utterly shocked! So my cousin was right, I should order dvds, cds, and books directly to Kuwait through DHL. Anytime you order from and have an international address they deliver with DHL. I think this might be too good to be true, but I’m still shocked, it was even inspected by MOI and Customs and it arrived here Sunday afternoon, this is really surprising. I might try this again later but Im still not sure.


As for the goods, I ordered a bunch of anime which I wanted to continue but there were two imporant items in the box that I had to have:

  • 24 Season 5
  • Transformers – The Movie 20th Anniversary Special Edition


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. what are you doing up this late !?

    couldnt sleep from the excitment huh ;p

    anyways thats actually amazing.. i should start ordering things online.

  2. lol
    but how much did u pay for shipping though :P
    did u say ur picking up season 5 of 24 from london? :P

  3. Nora-Cassandra

    Congratulations man! That was fast and amazing! Well I think you have to try it few times before giving your last judgement!

    By the way we’re getting the season 5 of 24 this week!!! But I really don’t know how to get season 6 ?? I want that by next week’s Thu!!!!

  4. Cute UAE

    TRANSFORMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss those guys!!!!
    Mabrooooooooook Marzouq!!!
    …and more animes!!!!!!! kashkhaaaaaaaa!!!!
    E-N-J-O-Y it!!!

  5. Financy

    on the check out page in AMAZON ..

    you have like 3 options .. either u ship it NEXT BUSINESS DAY .. or 3 days later .. or regular .. thats what i remember. .

    did you choose the fastest option ?!

  6. OMG! Tenchi Muyo!…one of my favorites anime of all time. You have a good taste indeed :)

  7. Tall

    I would really like to know what option did you choose for delivery.
    Also, can you tell me what was the package weight and how much did you pay for delivery in order to really compare.

  8. some1 is soooo into anime :D hehehe tebarakkktt tebaraakkktt ba9reg 24 menk ow ba5alelek el anime :P

  9. Mo Hat


  10. Amo0ora: I woke up early! hehehe! I really recommend ordering online but you can only order books and dvds directly to Kuwait.

    Yazeed: 30KD, $91 for it all! I got it and somebody took so I said its their birthday gift and gave them the best thing they could ask for, so I had to have a copy for myself!

    Nora: thanks! Yeah it was lighting fast! I know I have to try it a few more times before giving a ruling, but for the first run DHL has over-run the competition. I download all episodes of 24 Season 6 from torrents to watch them, or else I would go nuts!

    Cute UAE: yeah the transformers are great! I love them and I will watch the movie again! hehehe! Thanks, gotta love kakashi! hehehe

    Financy: I chose the fastest option, but the worry was about getting it in Kuwait, but from customs. And it seems that it flew through without a problem!

    Angelo: Of course! Tenchi Muyo is one of the best animes out there!

    Tall: I would choose the fastest possible, but Aramex doesn’t really give you much of a choice. I threw the box, but the details of the package is 7.6lbs International Express which I got for $91 which I dont mind paying since I got it without getting tied up in customs or MOI even though they were inspected based on the stickers on the box.

    Funky star: hehehe! Kilmin yaakhith miny 24! Bes khalas! May seer chithy!

    Mo Hat: hehehehe! Ichigo all the way!

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