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It Arrived!


Items shipped on January 25, 2007:
Delivery estimate: January 31, 2007 (It Arrived January 28,2007)

Nothing more can be said! DHL did what I only can dream of! The items got here without any delay and I was totally and utterly shocked! So my cousin was right, I should order dvds, cds, and books directly to Kuwait through DHL. Anytime you order from and have an international address they deliver with DHL. I think this might be too good to be true, but I’m still shocked, it was even inspected by MOI and Customs and it arrived here Sunday afternoon, this is really surprising. I might try this again later but Im still not sure.


As for the goods, I ordered a bunch of anime which I wanted to continue but there were two imporant items in the box that I had to have:

  • 24 Season 5
  • Transformers – The Movie 20th Anniversary Special Edition