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Delivery Breakdown

So I made two orders from Amazon one was a single mp3 player and the other was a large amount of DVDs. I got the delivery from DHL with all the DVDs in three days including a check from Customs and Ministry of Information. So I was surprised that I even got them, I was expecting a delay from the checks, but I didn’t even expect them to be Kuwait that fast. I still won’t give DHL the crown or anything like that, but I will be trying them more often to see if they are consistent with this performance. If they are then I will be making most of my orders through them which are DVDs, Books, and other items, but electronics, games, and a few other items must be delivered to a US Address.

Currently Aramex is performing at its usual standard I have yet to see how long it will take them to deliver the packages to Kuwait. They are off to a bad start since the box was delivered on the 26th of January at 10 am, it is a Friday but they had all day and a shipping company of this level should be operating on Saturdays just like any good courier service. It was signed for on the 26th of January by K Gordon, but on the Aramex website there no updates, until today it said date recieved on the 29th which seems to me as a bad start. They recieved it ont he 26th but didn’t even register it in their system until the 29th, there should be packages sent off on Saturdays, but seems they only do business Monday to Friday. As of right now the package might be on the way since they might not have updated the information on their website, only time will tell.





I’m going to be ordering through DHL again soon to test if the situation remains the same or if anything changes. Hopefully DHL sustains this level of performance.