In my bedroom I always have something running 24/7 to do something. The thing is when I switch off my lights they do have the ability to light up the room when your guys get adjusted to the darkness.

The list of equipment that light up the room at night:

  • PC Power Supply lighting up the back
  • ISP DSL Modem
  • Netgear Gigabit Wireless Router
  • Buffalo AccessPoint
  • D-Link Switch
  • IOGear KVM Switch
  • Maxtor Network Storage
  • Maxtor External Storage
  • Infrant Network Area Storage

With this much equipment I have some books covering some and some being covered by small manuals and trying to redirect the light. I thought that some people might be facing the same thing their rooms! My PC is what wakes me up because recently it has been hard to wake up so I do need a good amount of sound to get up and going! And so while my computer is on I make sure its doing something useful like uploading and downloading! So having all the necessary equipment on at all times gets your room lit up with all the LEDs.

LED lights by color:

  • Green 50%
  • Blue 40%
  • Orange 10%

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Actually the fan of my laptop wakes me up hehheheh not the lights :P

    I’m always downloading stuff, so the fan kicks in once in a while and pisses the hell outta me!

    But yah… LED lights come in hand tho! Especially when you’re walking in the dark and have no clue where you’re going! They re-direct you to your destination!

  2. i would go insane. i put my laptop (sometimes running) under my bed which is a great light and sound insulator; as for my phone, i flip it on its screen because it lights up when being charged. my alarm clock has a big red digital display so i redirect it and yet it still annoys me. i guess we all have little nuisances we force ourselves to get used to :->

  3. ananyah: It would take a bullhorn to wake me up! I know they do redirect me but some of them are EXTREMELY bright! I dont know why they made them this bright!

    Joud: yeah, I get used to it easily but the amount I have looks like an airport landing strip! hehehe

  4. yeeeeeeeeeeeees! Those lits! I felt like u Mazrooq! walla just like an airport! Or a cabint in the night! wow! But I love all thses lits… I love them so it is ok, even if I am bothered a lil… but they help me in dreaming! I love TECHNO dreams ;D

  5. Sum1: hahaha Techno Dreams! Have you seen the Daft Punk Music Videos thats how my dream is sometimes! hehehe so I can understand what your talking about !

  6. I hate the bright blue LEDs on the cheap USB mice I get, I usually de-solder the LEDs of the most prominent of devices, none of this whole cover them up business because it doesn’t work when you’re using the computer in the dark, its just blinding.

  7. hehehhehe… if I could tell u about my dreams? lol. My mind is digital! ALL THE TIME and for every thing! U know the feeling when u really wish that UNDO and DELETE and PAUSE can affect humans? lol if I start talking I wont stop. am garga wallla

  8. moodi: the blue LEDs I have are of highquality not the ones from the mouse these ones really look deep in color but they still light things up too much! I hate the ones from the cheapo mouse! I know why they would drive you nuts!

    Sum1: hehehehe! I thought about that while talking to people! DEL DEL DEL! damn it, it didn’t work! hehehe! CTRL-Z…. that didn’t work either! Now Im out of ideas! hehehe

  9. La b3d akw peopl u want to SHIFT + DEL them :D … for me sometimes I think of it.. sometimes it cmz to my mind unconsciously ;D

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