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In my bedroom I always have something running 24/7 to do something. The thing is when I switch off my lights they do have the ability to light up the room when your guys get adjusted to the darkness.

The list of equipment that light up the room at night:

  • PC Power Supply lighting up the back
  • ISP DSL Modem
  • Netgear Gigabit Wireless Router
  • Buffalo AccessPoint
  • D-Link Switch
  • IOGear KVM Switch
  • Maxtor Network Storage
  • Maxtor External Storage
  • Infrant Network Area Storage

With this much equipment I have some books covering some and some being covered by small manuals and trying to redirect the light. I thought that some people might be facing the same thing their rooms! My PC is what wakes me up because recently it has been hard to wake up so I do need a good amount of sound to get up and going! And so while my computer is on I make sure its doing something useful like uploading and downloading! So having all the necessary equipment on at all times gets your room lit up with all the LEDs.

LED lights by color:

  • Green 50%
  • Blue 40%
  • Orange 10%