Luxiium Luxeed Keyboard


I previously I was saying my room was all lit up with LEDs, but this keyboard looks amazing, and it has a detachable number keypad. And the color LEDs light up the whole buttons and they are programmable, I’m not sure of the price but expect something pricy because it has the sleek looks and features to justify it.



Link: Engadget

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  1. Nora-Cassandra

    That is cool! I’ll show it Stelios (my husband) so he can start thinking about it!

  2. coooool! wain hathy? Japan too? Enzeeeed il lits b3d? Yalla… desko my bed room :P
    great walla! Programmed b3d! so I can change its colors huh?

  3. Nora: hehehe! Getting him into it I c!

    Sum1: I bet you can make certain parts light up, not sure about the colors! hehehe! No announcements about price, but hopefully soon!

  4. that looks damn hot … i bet it would amazing on a sleek clean black laptop

  5. no3ik: I can’t think of food when looking at keyboad! hehehe

    Laialy: I think it would be good but too much power! I think it would be great at home!

    Pearls: hehehe! I dont think its out yet!

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