Review: Scorpion EXO-700


I currently have two versions of this helmet, the Matt Black and Rivet Red. I have used my Matt Black Helmet for almost 9 months now and I wouldn’t have bought the same model again if I wasn’t happy with this helmet


  • Comfortable
  • Good fit
  • Removable Lining
  • Very reasonable price
  • Never Fogs up
  • Good Airflow
  • Very Good Matte Finish


  • A bit on the noisy side


This is a company which is relatively new to the US market but they are expanding. They have a lot of expertise under their belt with good people working on these helmets. The Scorpion EX-700 helmet is a great helmet to have if you can’t afford the expensive Arai’s and Shoeis. There is nothing missing from this helmet in terms of quality and features. It fits very well with a comfortable and removable liner. What I love about the helmet and I take for granted sometimes is that the screen never fogs up, when I wear my Arai helmet I forget that it fogs up until it happens. This is a great quality helmet with lots of features for its price, there is a bit of problem with a bit of noise at high speed but there will be improvements in time. I wouldn’t get any helmet other then Scorpion in this price range, and I really like the designs they come up with. I just hope for a larger selection soon.

Link: Scorpion USA

Price: $180/$200


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nora-Cassandra

    You know the only reason I’m alive today is a good helmet! When I flue of the bike on a 200kg speed 9 years ago the only thing kept me alive is the helmet!

    From that day I buy my helmet before even choosing the bike! It sounds a very good and reasonable prize. But I’m thinking of taking my friend’s advice (Harley guy if you know what I mean?), and go to Germany and get all my gear from there! Maybe even the bike! My friend buys old and broken bikes and fixes them and sells them for 3 times the money he spent! He told me that from there I’ll be saving at least 5000euros!

    He knows what’s good and he knows my style, so thinking of checking if I could do it after 2 years!

    Have you ever checked that yourself?

  2. Nora-Cassandra

    You know the only reason I’m alive today is a good helmet! When I flew of the bike on a 200kg speed 9 years ago the only thing kept me alive is the helmet!

  3. Missy

    That was close Nora :[
    I’m sure riding is really fun, I’ve always wanted to ride a bike and planning to one day- and I can’t get enough of the buggy whenever we go to the beach house. The thing about bikes and even sport cars is that it gives you this ‘urge’ to go all the way and to basically speed up- after all that’s what they were made for. If I had a relative that is an avid rider like u guys, I’d be silently so worried everytime he or she goes out wondering if i’ll ever see them again coming back home even though i understand the fun of it. Especially here in Kuwait where people are crazy in cars. But I think it’s really wonderful that you guys take wearing your safety seriously and I pray that you keep it up and that others do the same. Fun and a safe, now isn’t that just perfect? :) Allah ya7fi’6kom… Enjoy

    The helmet looks nice by the way… I bet the black one is even cooler :)

  4. Nora-Cassandra

    Missy: you could say that again! I ended up with neck problems for life, so it wasn’t the best experience, but it was a good one!

    I don’t know if you like to push on the gas and get your vehicle flying!? I love that and the feeling of the blood pumping in my veins! I still will do it safely! I will never do it and get someone’s life to risk! I have a daughter and I’m planning to see her getting married (I hope)! Well she want a bike too since she was 3!! I never showed her nor talked about bikes when she was around so she won’t get to them!

    But I don’t know from who does she get the love for them!!?? She wants to save money to buy her bike when she gets 18! I said I won’t stop her! She has her safety jacket and helmet and boots for biking, she’s been behind me many times now!!

  5. Nora: Yeah I bought my helmet even before buying my bike so I know what you mean! You can buy your gear from the UK and take the VAT out since you don’t live there, check out Buying a broken bike is fine as long as the frame is in good shape, always check the frame because if it is screwed up then no matter what you do it won’t be handling right!

    Nora that is why I always wear gear since a while back since even after an accident I wasn’t too badly banged up, but gear takes the grunt of the hit. I can understand what you mean about your daughter, but if you are going to let her then take her to some riding/race courses in London! They can teach her INVALUABLE techniques, they really make a difference!

    Missy: I totally understand what your talking about so that is another reason I ride very early because I dont want my family worrying about me! I want to ride comfortably as well and avoid all traffic if possible! And I LOVE MY GEAR! I CANT STOP BUYING MORE GEAR! hehehehe

  6. Nora-Cassandra

    I can’t get VAT free stuff from the UK!! I’m living in the EU! We have to pay the full VAT when buying or going to any EU state! About the training in the UK I think I’ll be taking her there but in some years! May be when she’s 10!! (She’s only 7 now)!
    Thanks for the advice!!!

  7. Missy

    Nora I’m so glad you’re okay and it’s only a neck problem- it might have been much worse. Your daughter probably picked it up from you- it’s in her genes ;) It’s hard I know.. u can’t deprive your children- give her the space to shape up into what she wants to become- just watch from a distance. Kids change their minds anyway as they grow…she might wanna be a pilot or a chef later on hehe… In God’s willing you’ll see her get big, married and become a mommy and you’ll become a granny- yay! =) Just invite me when that happens, I love babies hehe… :’) God bless you.

    Marzouq, lol I’m sure ur gear loves you too =D hehe yeah it’s probably a good idea to ride early- ma3ana il imyanan are every where- Allah ya7fi’6ik wi5alik lahalik ya rab =)

  8. Nora: damn it! I thought since your in Finland you could! I keep forgeting who is and isn’t in the EU! no prob! If you want training places then let me know there are a lot of good ones in the UK!

    Missy: ee wala imyanan but I manage to avoid them, I go fast enough to get away from them and slow enough to keep away from them! hehehe! I love my gear and can’t get enough of it, I just need to shpae up a bit to be more comfortable! :)

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