Vista Prices


These are some pretty steep prices:

Vista Upgrade Version:

  • Vista Home Basic $99.00
  • Vista Business $199.00
  • Vista Home Premium $159
  • Vista Ultimate $259

Vista Full Version:

  • Vista Home Basic $199.00
  • Vista Business $299.00
  • Vista Home Premium $239.00
  • Vista Ultimate $399.00

Previously I was thinking it would be worth it to pay for Vista Ultimate, but I thought it would be $259, but at this amount its a different story. These are quite expensive, and I wonder how long it will take to drop.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Purgatory72

    Just wait a bit until its stable, then find a torrent :P

  2. I will get you vista at a much lower price, just give it 1 or 2 weeks so its available for internal staff. thats if you are not in a hurry. Low is 30 to 50 $ max to clarify.

  3. I bought a laptop in Bangkok not so long ago, so it has this “quick path” vista upgrade program… don’t know the details, but I think the OS will be cheap to upgrade there. I’ll look into it next week, and get it if it looks worth it. Maybe you can test it out then.

  4. Missy

    A relative of ours used to work in Microsoft. We used to get everything free. Anyway, I went to Eureka not long ago and I found PS3 (NTSC) selling for 200-something. I was delighted. C? Visa will drop soon too… Best keep my poket hole-free and wait to see people try it out first, hehe :P

  5. ooh ooh… I just found out the upgrade is free except a small charge for processing and shipping :)

  6. Purg: hehehe! Like I said when it comes to OSes I prefer getting OEM!

    fadibou: I’m not in a hurry at all! I just want to wait until I see what people are saying!

    moocherx: Its those prices for the upgrade and the process I mentioned in the other step! I want to see how the process goes really! Very nice! Free upgrade! hehehe

    Missy: Yeah, getting Microsoft products for free is great! PS3 keeps dropping in price, give it a few more months and things will be going well! Yeah just give it some time!

  7. The hell with vista… long live Linux :)

  8. I will buy you a copy of the ultimate, you can collect it from my bro, he works in the same company as mark.

  9. Microsoft is trying to imitate MAC! What will be the result? A fully grafix intereface with billion problems and a slow and crazy way of programming it! eeeeew! I did not try it, actualy, but I hated it.. XP is accaptable! No vista ! and reviews showed us how bad is it! I have a great Ads about Microsoft and MAC! I wish if I can upload it .. am not sure?

  10. Hitman1: Unbutu to be exact! hehehe

    fadibou: I would appreciate that, but please let me know the price so I can give it to Mark before hand! I would want to pay first before recieving it!

    Sum1: You can upload these video ads on youtube or at Imageshack for images. I want to try windows to see how it is, but we can only tell with time.

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