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Vista Upgrades and TMobile

So now Microsoft Vista is being released, lets see what happens over the next couple of weeks.

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Upgrading to Vista:

One of the new quirks is that you must have the version of Windows XP or 2000 installed on your system to “Upgrade” to Vista, if you are going that route. So you can’t do a clean install like you previously could with XP Pro from Windows 98. You will need to have your original XP Pro or 2000 already on the machine to upgrade to Vista.

To do a clean install you have to buy the full version and not the upgrade version.


T-Mobile is provide three months worth of free Wifi service for those who are using Vista. So from the 30 Jan launch until April 30th, but as usual someone has found a work around for the verification process. So Apple went with Cingular and Microsoft went with TMobile now its getting interesting.

Thoughts on Vista:

Lets see how many Vistas they are going to sell and how its going to impact PCs and how fast people adapt. I want to get one on a test machine and see how it is and is happening with it. They had a huge launch for it, but like every new version of Windows it will need a lot of resources, when 2 GB of ram used to be for the gamers or media editors it is going to be standard on most machines to run Vista. I want to get hardware that was developed around Vista like Asus’s motherboards, so Im just going to wait a bit and see how things develop. They will be releasing a patch for the OS later in the year since I know they have been developing it for a little while now, at least they got a head start on that.

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