Jack Bauer’s Resume


CTU Missions:

  • Team Leader – Operation Proteus, 2000
  • Section Captain – Hotel Los Angeles attack, 1998


  • CTU – Former Special Agent in Charge, Los Angeles Domestic Unit
  • Los Angeles PD – Special Weapons and Tactics


  • LASD – Basic SWAT School
  • Master of Science, Criminology and Law – University of California (Berkeley)
  • Bachelor of Arts, English Literature- University of California (Los Angeles)
  • Special Forces Operations Training Course


  • US Army – Combat Applications Group, Delta Force Counter Terrorist Group


  • Widowed
  • Daughter – Kimberly Bauer

Saving Senator Palmer’s life by throwing a mobile phone containing a bomb out of the window
(Series 1, 10-11pm)Rescuing his family from Gaines’ compound
(Series 1, 11am-12pm, 12-1pm)Shooting Victor and Andre Drazen.
(Series 1, 11pm-12am)

Kidnapping suspect Ted Cofell by pretending to be his limo driver.
(Series 1, 9-10am, 10-11am)

Finding his wife Teri’s dead body in CTU, just when he thought his nightmares were over for the day.
(Series 1, 11pm-12am)

Holding a gun to former lover Nina, after discovering she was the CTU mole.
(Series 1, 11pm-12am)

Discovering that Victor Drazen – the man he thought he’d killed two years ago in Kosovo – is still alive.
(Series 1, 7-8pm)

Being set-up by Gaines as the President’s assassin.
(Series 1, 7-8am, 8-9am)

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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. you should add in

    Jack’s best lines:
    “lets get one thing straight. The only reason why you’re conscious right now is because I don’t feel like carrying you.”

    After he catches Audry lying to him in the interrogation room and he’s been screaming and shouting in her face (she’s obviously scared shitless) he picks her up by the throat, pins her against the wall and says
    “If you don’t tell me the truth, I promise you it’s going to get unpleasant in here”


  2. snapoffmode: Yeah Im planning to update his resume extensively to reflect all 6 seasons, but its going to take some time! hahaha! I love those lines though! hehe

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