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Tonight and a few more Days!


Im feeling exhausted at work, not much sleep has drained me but today is my day to do relax and enjoy some movies with the guys.

The first thing Im going to do tonight is:

  • Watch 24 Episode 6 in 720P HDTV

(I dont allow breathing let alone talking while watching 24, and I will snap at people then kick them out!!!)

So after that we are going to pick a couple of movies to choose from with the guys, so that is going to be fun, but I have feeling I might pass out towards the end of the night.

Work seems to be piling up again after I finished up a good amount over the week. So I might have a rough day on Saturday but I don’t mind since Im going to be prepared for it. Inshalla!

I just want to get a lot of riding done this weekend and catch up on Heroes and finish up with Smallville, Im going to make my cousin sit down and not move so that we can finish the series! He is addicted to World of Warcraft’s expansion Crusaders, and he is the type not to leave until he levels up his character all the way. So I either have to rip him from the computer or pour water all over his screen. Finishing up a couple of anime series this weekend hopefully!