2007 R1


They have completely revamped the 2007 Yamaha R1,redesigning the engine, suspension, and chassis to make for a very new mean looking motorcycle. The main change for this machine is the throttle-by-wire which was first introduced into the 2006 R6. Which seems to have slightly tamed the R1’s engine, some people say that it takes away from the raw power of the machine, but I think this makes the R1 more ridable and you have more usable power. You can come out of corners faster with this type of throttle to the point it might make you over confident, and it will feel better around corners and more stable when flipping left to right because the pivot position of the swingarm is 3mm higher then before. All these tweaks and changes have made this into one great piece of machinary.






Link: Yamaha

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  1. Big B

    Nice Post!!! I would love to have a ride on this one; but in kuwait i dont like the Yamaha dealership, so i always prefer Honda when it comes to Japanese Bikes here :)

  2. i dont like the front end of the R1. Looks droopy.

  3. Nora-Cassandra

    That is a one sexy girl I could say!! You’re thinking about it? So what happened with the stolen one?? Any news?

  4. Big B: I know what you mean, I love the bike but I hate the dealership! Honda dealership is good and so is the Duc/BMW/KTM one, Suzuki I think is the worst.

    Mark: DROOPY!?>!?! Dude its aggressive looking!

    Nora: I agree with you! They are still searching, and now we are just waiting on insurance, and yes I’m thinking about this between me and my friend.

  5. i’m getting a hard on looking at it.. this si definitly the bike i’m buying during 2007….waaaawww sidj waawww

  6. Zed: yup, its damn nice! I always thought it looks better then most bikes

  7. Jafar

    Big B, call TriStar & you could always ask for a test ride provided you have a ridding licens.japanese bikes are nice,fast & inexpensive , but they just don’t have the appeal of a Ducati.

  8. I’ve got a 2004 R1 at the moment and I’m getting an 07 as soon as possible. :)

  9. rocky

    i just got this same bike but the 07 for trading my KTM sx250… these are MEAN!! bikes, when you go for a rip on this you will not get off

  10. Froobyone: Its very nice!

    rocky: I know what you mean!

  11. plumma

    i just bought one and it throws so much heat out it feels like im sittin on a stove that been on for hours

  12. rocky

    haha man.. i think you might want to get that checked then. haha if its heating up that much

  13. paul

    good one compare with other latest bikes.i wanna buy and have a trip on this.its nice

  14. mohit

    i love this bike

  15. very – very nice bike yamaha r1 because there are four disk break and very nice bike

  16. joe

    dude i like ho the sides of the fairing look like theyre separated from the rest of the bike looks awesome lol

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