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Music Reorganization


Between all my hardrives and different pcs over time I have duplicated a lot of music and lost a lot of music because of the crashes and transfers. So over the last week I have been getting back some old songs, reorganizing the current ones, and getting new ones. Im not putting them in different folders, I tried that and it was too much of hassle and sometimes its difficult figuring out which genre a song is and I dont want to put the same artist in different genres even though they are in it.

So I made one big file called My Music in the my Infrant NAS and I’m dumping everything in it. There is one file in their called Tehcno & Dance inside of My Music because there isn’t really any duplicates with that, and then I just dump the rest in the normal folder. Right now that made things easier to find and look at.

For finding music I don’t care how I find them, I just want them even if I pay a small fee as long as it is DRM free. I am using four sources to get my music:

This project will take a little while but I do it in my spare time.