Friday Plans


I got a family thing to take care of in the morning which is very important, but later in the afternoon I am free and I will be riding for a bit before going over to my cousins place to lounge around.

Planning to watch:

  • Heroes
  • Smallvile
  • Start Seasons 2 of Prison Break

And we will be grubbing down on some Chinese food so I think that we are going to be lazy bums all day long. I hope we finish Smallville, and we catch up with Heroes, and start Prison Break. We have a plan and I’m going to make sure we stick to it! No distractions!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. just starting to watch prison break, it’s awesome

  2. Nora-Cassandra

    I’ve never see nor heard about this Prison Break!! Is it any good?
    Well My plan for the weekend is just stay lazy and watch 24, season 5! It’s cold and dark outside too annoyed even to bother!

  3. I just finished watching Smallville 6-13 .. !

    You are going to enjoy the episode .. lots of lois. ;)

  4. Hey man! How’s it going? Great line-up! Heroes will just blow you away and Prison Break will give you that same feeling you get when watching a really good anime series :P Aight, take care, Laters!

    P.S. That living room is freakin’ adorable!

  5. pearls: fantastic! I can’t get enough!

    Nora: You should watch it! Its an amazing show!! Buy the season 1 dvds, you can find season2 dvds! Its the best plan possible, staying at home and watching 24 I wish I could do that, but Im caught up with the live action!!!

    Jacqui: Seriously!!!

    K: HELLYEAH! hehehehe

    Drunk n Gorgeous: Heyyyyy!!!! Where have you been! Yeah Heroes is insane! Yeah I’m getting into Prison Break again! Its going to be interesting I’m just happy I got the series all on my hard drive so Im going to have some long nights this coming week!

  6. that’s a NICE apartment in the photo. They’re doing a lot og interior design like that in HK and Singapore these days.

  7. moocherx: yeah I love that look, simple yet comfortable! I wish we had apartment like these in Kuwait that we could buy or even rent. There has been some development in Apartments in Kuwait, but I wish it would go in this direction. Would be very nice!

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