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We waited until my cousin finished his mission in World of Warcraft Crusades, he had his guild and playing with his group so he couldn’t leave in mid-mission! So we were already off to a late start. I was starving and he said he would be done by 4:00pm but he didn’t finish until 4:40pm since they were having a tough time with this one boss, but they got him in the end.

Then we went down and we started off with Prison Break Season 2 from the beginning, and I only had enough time to burn the first four episodes to dvd, and I also burnt episodes 11 and 12 of Heroes to DVD.


Prison Break was nothing short of insane! So many characters, so many people screwing up and things going in different directions yet leading to one place! I have no clue where all this is going to go, but one thing is for sure this is one insane season and I was at the edge of my seat! I’m already burning more episodes to DVD to be ready for our next session and to watch as many as possible.


Heroes is still driving me mad! I want to see more, this one episode a week thing is just too much! I need to see what the hell is happening and how is it all connected, I can’t see all the lines, where are there more superheroes and when do they come in! Who is the bad guy!

And we ate a ton of Chinese food (Chicken noodles, Shrimp noodles, Some Special Chicken, and Vegetable Fried rice), we ate too much for our own good. Later on in the night we managed to get some 31 Baskin Robins from the one in Khaldiya but the odd thing is that didn’t have Orange Sherbert which I was really feeling so we went with Chocolate Chip for me, and everyone else had their own order.

What a night, after that I have to go back to the gym again!