Candyman Live


I have to say that I’m not that fond of Christina Aguilera, but she has done a good job with the Candyman song on Jay Lenno’s show. She definatly likes flaunting it, at least she kept herself together compared to Britney. Check it out at YouTube.

Link: YouTube

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  1. Exactly. Christina is a bit better than Britney’s these days. Have you listened to her new song (or maybe it’s a bit old) called “Hurt”?

  2. Nora-Cassandra

    Well she’s hot but so was many other loosing super stars MAZE!!

    In my opinion she did very well and found her way right! And I do have a lot of respect for her!

    My daughter loves her music and I do dance on her tones too!

  3. MAZE: hahaha! I’m not that much into her really

    Angelo: yeah she is better these days, no I don’t even remember what her songs were really!

    Nora: I think she did a better job of keeping together over time as a pop star, good for her. She knows how to get the hoochie mama thing going! hahaha

  4. no doubt she is a hottie…who cares about her music.. i was watching jay leno on mute hehehe

  5. lol she’s nice but i don’t like the Candyman song.. Hurt and Ain’t No Other Man were better..

  6. Brandibunny

    I’m into everything Christina does… she’s one of my favorite artists.
    I think the Candyman track is hot, I love all of her albums,
    and Back to Basics is her best one yet ;)

  7. Brandibunny: I’m not that much but she is getting better! Thats for sure!

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