Robotic Parking


This is one thing that is greatly needed in Kuwait, a robotic parking garage. A Parking lot that can store 24 cars normally can store up to 67 cars with this system. There other benefit is that this system helps those who don’t even know how to park. How many times have you gone to a parking lot in Kuwait and some people just can’t seem to park between the lines even though the space is twice the size of their car. So implementation of robotic parking and charging a good amount for it would be great, that way companies pay for the parking spots for their employees and all you have to do is leave it in one spot and the system parks it for you.

Link: Engadget

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  1. it would have to be modified for kuwait… the “hole” that the car goes down would have to accept diagonally-parked cars!

  2. mooxherx: hahahaha, I think it should crush the car if thats the case so they don’t get back on the road! hehehe

  3. We have it in our bldg in lebanon…our parking takes 3 cars where the ground rotates 360 degrees to let the car face be to the front when we’re going out…its very practical but costly too…

  4. Nora-Cassandra

    We had that in Euro News 6 months ago or more!! I thought it’s really practical to all countries! And it makes it practically impossible to get your car or BIKE stolen!!

    I think all big cities should start getting it made for their buildings and firms!

    By the way the bad parking is everywhere!! I think they should make more examinations just for the parking before giving the Driving License!!

  5. plus your car wouldn’t get scratched with this system

  6. MAZE: Really I have something like a robot automated parking in Lebanon? I never heard of it. This isn’t just rotational it puts it in a box, all you see is the one spot you stop your car!

    Nora: So true! Makes it impossible to be stolen, but the bike could fall over from too much lateral movemnt! There has to be a setting for bikes. I think your right, they should have it everywhere! It would be great!

    Pearls: Very true, no more dents from damn doors!

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