2007 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 60th Anniversary Edition




So I am assuming this vehicle might be at the event at Marina Mall.

This is one beautiful vehicle and I really like that this is a different design then what Ferrari has been used to producing. This is one very exclusive vehicle with all the personel touchs added to this 540 bhp vehicle. The interior has a different look and of course because its a special edition it will have a few more extras for its owners. It will have the classic Ferrari colors, and an electrochromic glass rood so its opacity is adjustable by the occupants of the vehicle.

Link: Serious Wheels

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  1. Nora-Cassandra

    OH!!! I was hoping to see that in the show I went to with my husband! It’s beautiful. Just simply gorgeous! What else can I say than I’m so jealous if you’ll get to see it when I didn’t!
    Well hope you’ll get to see it any way!

  2. sinan

    well i din’t go at 3pm but i saw one 355,another 355 spider , one f430 and a 360 modena…they all had a sticker to the side and on the hood which read “ferrari 60th anniversary.”…but this wuz around 5:30pm

  3. Now that’s HOT no one can go wrong with black exterior and leather interior just so yummy

  4. Nora: hehehe, yeah its nice but Ferrari just isn’t my piece of cake and this one is very nice!

    sinan: yeah I bet it was still going on at that time! At least you got to see some!

    Laialy: hehe, yup very nice!

  5. Missy

    Yeah I saw the f430 – I had to pick something from virgin around 6 pm and there was one parked by the vallet parking at the main entrance (not in marina crescent) and it did have a sticker on the side that said Ferrari 60th anniversary- Had the urge to take off my shoes, break the mirror with my heel and steal it away… hehehe..

  6. oohhh baby thats HOT !!!

    undescribable.. i hate it when they produce cars i cant hav ;p

  7. Nora-Cassandra

    I’m not into Ferraris either! But this one looks like a very nice ride! Don’t you agree?

  8. MAZE: I have no clue what the price is!

    Jacqui: so do i… so do i! hehehe

    Missy: hahahaha! Very nice, you should have done it! I would have!

    Amo0ora: yup, loool.. then you would hate a lot of cars! I don’t mind just appreciating it!

    Swair: hehehe

    Nora: I agree, I’m not much into them but this has some class! Very nice!

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