Oakely AP Sandbag


This is one of the coolest looking bags from Oakley that I have seen in a while from Oakley! I really do like their bags, I have had one of their bags for over 3.8 years now. I can attest to their quality, comfort, and utility. There a laptop compartment and lots of other compartments for all your gadgets and paperwork. For the price is this is a a great bag! For $110 this bag is a complete bargain and really worth, mine lasted over 3 years now so I know it will last a while after the beating I gave it.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. Nora-Cassandra

    3 years hah?? Well I think it’s worth checking out! I’ll try to find out where to find it here and check the prize! I think it’s a very good Christmas gift for my husband or even to my 2 cousins! Maybe not my type! But if I could get it in some other colour (maybe PINK)!!

  2. Nora: yeah it takes a beating! I fell off my bike with the Oakley backpack and nothing happened to it! It survived the sliding! Kept me from getting to banged up! looool! Pink!

    cixousianpanic: very nice!! :) Take pics when you get it!

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