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Slight Changes


I was doing a little reorganization in my room to due overflow of dvds, books, cds, and magazines. I wanted to get some free space and I needed to move things which I have seen or read, and I’m trying to rip a lot of CDs to my PC so I can listen to the songs I want without having the CD cases piling up.

I thought what is the hardest thing to tackle first, and that for me is the motorcycle magazines so as usual I put it last and began with the easiest thing to move which are the dvds. After sorting through a few dvds it was relatively simple I just moved all the completed series I had to the top floor which have a few empty shelves. It turned out I had over 58 DVDs which I didn’t need to have in my room. So I moved those upstairs and I easily have a couple of hundred left in my room.

Then it came to the CDs, I organized the CDs so that I rip the ones I know really well, and the ones I’m not sure off I put on them on pile to listen in my car. The most CD listening I do is in my car so thats where I evaluate them best.

Then there were the books and magazines, I didn’t even touch the magazines because I would need to go through them and see if there are any reviews I wanted or specific articles, but I knew that it would be too damn hard to get rid of them! Be it the motorcycle magazines or truck magazines! When it came to the books I just organized the piles so I just kept in my view the ones I haven’t read and their are a lot.

This is just to start things off, I will slowly keep repeating this process until things lighten up in my room.