Slight Changes


I was doing a little reorganization in my room to due overflow of dvds, books, cds, and magazines. I wanted to get some free space and I needed to move things which I have seen or read, and I’m trying to rip a lot of CDs to my PC so I can listen to the songs I want without having the CD cases piling up.

I thought what is the hardest thing to tackle first, and that for me is the motorcycle magazines so as usual I put it last and began with the easiest thing to move which are the dvds. After sorting through a few dvds it was relatively simple I just moved all the completed series I had to the top floor which have a few empty shelves. It turned out I had over 58 DVDs which I didn’t need to have in my room. So I moved those upstairs and I easily have a couple of hundred left in my room.

Then it came to the CDs, I organized the CDs so that I rip the ones I know really well, and the ones I’m not sure off I put on them on pile to listen in my car. The most CD listening I do is in my car so thats where I evaluate them best.

Then there were the books and magazines, I didn’t even touch the magazines because I would need to go through them and see if there are any reviews I wanted or specific articles, but I knew that it would be too damn hard to get rid of them! Be it the motorcycle magazines or truck magazines! When it came to the books I just organized the piles so I just kept in my view the ones I haven’t read and their are a lot.

This is just to start things off, I will slowly keep repeating this process until things lighten up in my room.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nora-Cassandra

    NO COMMENT!!! You know me! I think you are a brave man!

  2. Missy-TheOriginal

    My mother has been yelling her lungs out at me for the past 2 years to take out the bulks of magazines and books I have (Which are EVERWHERE). Everytime I try to even ‘BEGIN’ sorting them out, I have this dreadful urge and itch to watch the news, file my nails or this sudden sleepiness that overcomes me. I drop face down on my bed and push them all in one corner! I TOTALLY understand what you’re talking about. But u know? I just recently bought those huge clear plastic boxes with lids? know ’em? (Sultan Center) I piled so many magazines inside of them and there’s still plenty of room for more. Almost broke one nail and my back carrying them all in the upper closets. Mission Accomplished: TA DA!!!! Clear floor space to tango and mother doesn’t know. I’ll probably have to do like u said, go through the articles I like, rip them, file them in a binder or something and throw the rest :S

  3. “It turned out I had over 58 DVDs which I didn’t need to have in my room”

    No comment.

  4. if you dont have room for your tv you can keep it at my place ;)

  5. if you don’t use it, lose it ;)

    i LOVE throwing things away … i like a clean look … where my mom goes for the organized look :(

    there are conflicting styles

  6. Nora: hahaha!

    Missy: hahahaha hiding them in clear boxes from mother! I was thinking of a more longterm and space efficient solution! hehehe

    amer: I finished alot of anime god damn it!

    Mark: haha! Sure!

    Laialy: I can’t throw things I might need away! I just can’t!

  7. Missy

    Yeah… i’m 25 and she still treats me like a baby ;)

  8. Missy: hehehe! They will always even when your 40! hehehe

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