Super Bowl XLI


Super Bowl XLI — Sun., Feb. 4 at 6:25 p.m. ET on CBS

Kuwait time: Monday morning at 2:25 am.

They usually play on Orbit’s sports channel.

I am contemplating VERY much to get up and watch this game! This is going to be one hell of a game! The Chicago Bears vs. the Indianapolis Colts! The Bears going in as underdogs! There is no clear winner, but a lot of people are putting their money on Payton Manning, but I am HUGE fan of Brain Urlacher. Urlacher has helped his team fight, and he is has strong character and doesn’t give up. The Colts have had a bumpy season to say the least, they had a good start but it didn’t look clear towards the end. They beat the Patriots to get to the Superbowl, and they were beaten by them in 05′ and 06′. The Bears defense is key to this game, so there is no clear winner between these two great teams.

This is going to be a hell of a game. I can sleep another day, but the Superbowl is only on one day.

Link: ESPN

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  1. Yay another person who will watch the Super Bowl live!!

    I think it is going to be a good game. Mannig is the comeback King and has proven himself against the Patriots. This will be a great match up.

  2. eh… watched the superbowl last year and fell asleep half way through.. all those commercials, all that talking… and I can’t even see what the guys look like cuase there all padded and covered in helmets (unlike soccer ;p) … I’ll take the opportunity and enjoy the mall on the weekend when there is no crowd!

  3. nibaq: yeah I agree with you! Its going to be one hell of a game! I can’t wait to see it!

    cixousianpanic: Its really damn good and especially if you know the players! Its nuts!

  4. Hal game ele mane rathya afhamha. i watched it countless times but i dont know what is going on!!
    awadim yrakthoon n beat eachother to the ground… o ba3daiiiin???

  5. it was definitely worth staying up to watch! did you see those stats?!?!!?!

  6. Mad Woman: looooooool! There is a lot of strategy and effort put into this game. They put their heart into and their is a combination of offense and defense. You can’t just do one thing to beat the other team, there are a million other strategies!

    MSB: yup! The stats are insane, i dont know how the Bears let it go, so many damn turnovers!!!

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