Aramex any slower


Items Shipped: January 31st

Items Received: February 4th

So it took five days since my order for the items to arrive from the states through DHL. Shipping for two dvds through DHL was 4KD, and I didn’t have to pay any customs even though it was checked by customs and MOI again.

As for my other order that was delivered to Aramex which was delivered to them on the 26th of January seems to be stuck in the states for some reason, I dont know how many planes have gone and come yet it is stuck there. It would have been faster if I had it delivered to a friend and then had him send it by DHL. It would have been here by the 1st of February.

I dont know if Aramex can go any slower at this rate.

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  1. Reading your story always remind me of my older brother and his constant nagging about Aramex. Speaking of customs, once his order got held there for like 2 months because of the DVD cover of Maison Ikkoku (which really didn’t have anything provocative). Oh well, what can you do really :s

  2. it seem that DHL have an agreement or something with the Customs

    Anything shiped Via DHL fly , anything Aramex or USWS is delyed

  3. Nora-Cassandra

    So it seems you won’t be trying Aramex again! I liked DHL and it’s not as expensive as most people think!

  4. i have no idea how i am ganna live when i get back to q8 with all the shipping problems bloggers talk about


  5. My package arrived to my USWS mailbox friday morning. It shipped late friday night and it arrived into my office last night.

  6. Angelo: I got mine held two months as well! And it was NOTHING! I bet because it was a big order! They could try harder maybe!

    forzaq8: I’m not sure about the agreement, but its probably because they have large shipments and so things slip by.

    Nora: I will only use Aramex if I need to, other then that I will be shipping direct!

    Laialy: DHL will be your friend!

  7. Mark: Ok thats sweet, at least it came in a timely manner!

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  9. Hey man, I read that post, I just recieved two packages yesterday from Aramex that I was supposed to get a full week before…if you are complaining about five days man, that’s really nothing..

    I had to wait a full week and even now one of my packages is still in Dubai and waiting for it to get to Kuwait (the Animecorner order!) I got my Metal Gear Portable OPs with Camoflage PSP and some DVDs from Amazon yesterday…..but yeah it’s generally a problem when they are late. But they have given me some good news, they told me that they are in the middle of finishing up a contact between them and a cargo company which will make DIRECT flights to Kuwait instead of having to wait for our stuff to make a detour in Dubai and recieve 2 packages out of three, we will be able to get everything faster and at once. Gool Inshallah. =)

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