Review: Karas The Prophecy


Karas is anime the way God intended: a heady mix of incomprehensible plotting and visual spectacle. Set in the modern day Shinjuku area of Tokyo, the story follows young, skeptical cop Kure Narumi as he joins the Observation Department set up to monitor multi-dimensional demon crime. You still following me?

A battle is taking place between Otoha—the good guy, who is a Karas, or guardian of the people of Tokyo who can take the form of a crow-like flying ninja—and Ekou, the bad guy, who used to be a Karas until he decided that he wanted to take over the world. Muddying the water is Nue, a Mikura (demon) in human form, who once sided with Ekou but is now a renegade, hunting down other Mikura.

This is one hell of a mixed up anime, so fast paced that when its done you really have that confused look on yourself. This movie is an extreme mix of 2D and 3D animation with amazing battle scenes. So much detail has been put into the animation its amazing. The story wasn’t the concentration of the Director when creating this anime, but the animation and attention to detail is key to this story. This is the type of anime which leaves you thinking at the end of it, its very entertaining and fast paced. Your left at the end of it thinking about the whole thinking, but its a visual festival to say the least.

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  1. Financy

    the picture of that creature got into me .. 7adah 3onffffff

    where can i get it ?! Rehab ? or i must buy original ?

  2. Missy-TheOriginal

    Looks interesting… Reminds me of “Blood” or Vampire hunter or something. But isn’t this an OVA? This is only the first part, no?

  3. Financy: You gotta buy original! On amazon!

    Missy: Its one part only, I wish it was OVA!

  4. Missy-TheOriginal

    No marzouq! It IS an OVA!! I thought so cuz the title says “Prophecy” it hints it’s only a beginning. The second one coming out is called “Karas: The Revelation” due out this fall they say. Here… I was looking it up at work…

    (3rd paragraph- last sentence)

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