Sony LCDs in Kuwait

I had another meeting in Shuweikh and I was close by to Sun City so I decided to pass by Sony Electronics. I prefer going their because their isn’t much traffic in that area and I was two minutes away. I saw that they had the new 52 inch Sony LCD which has been out for 8 months in Kuwait.


Sony KDL-52XBR2 52″ Bravia XBR 1080p LCD HDTV

Price: 2339 KD

US Retail Price in KD: 1460 KD


Sony KDL-46XBR2 46″ Bravia XBR 1080p LCD HDTV

Price: 1590 KD

US Retail Price in KD: 963 KD

I really think that the 52″ Screen is amazing but the price difference is unwarranted, when I confronted them about it they said its priced by the “mother company” and the Kuwait Agency can’t change the prices. I thought that it was great that they were lying from the start, and the funny part is that I knew more about the product then they did. I said it would be cheaper if I went to Dubai and picked it up and shipped it to Kuwait, and another salesman jumped in and said there would be no warranty, and I mentioned that I’m buying Sony not Wansa. I’m just getting very frustrated with being blantantly ripped off!

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  1. Yeah, rub it in and make me feel more depressed. :(

    *goes to the corner and cries*

  2. wow that’s a huge price difference! but its a good thing you talked to them and told them – because they need to know that people know that they’re hiking up the prices. Is there like a consumer protection organization were someone can complain about things like? Would they do anything if you complained?

  3. Blue

    That’s weird .. I just saw them at InfoConnect .. 42in => 1499 kd and 52in => 2299 kd ..

    How can you ship it from Dubai ..!?!? using ARAMEX .. LOL .. paying that amount for this screen means that you should reserve a seat for it in the plane and put it next to you ..

    Ah .. now I want the 52in .. I was like a baby in a candy shop in front of it .. :P

  4. Nora-Cassandra

    Why is that price difference? Well can’t tell you how much it is here yet. I’ll try to remember to check it when I have time. I don’t check these stuff so often, but in the US is always cheaper than here in Fin!

  5. Last week i was in Dubai , Sony LCD cheaper there
    The bravia V 32 is 400 kd the price in Kuwait is 560 kd
    and i bought it last year for 660 kd.

  6. MacaholiQ8: why? hehehehe

    cixousianpanic: I had to tell them, I was getting frustrated but there is no consumer protection organization in Kuwait. They rip you off without a second thought and you can’t do much about it!

    Blue: looool! You can ship DHL ground which wouldn’t cost more then 100KD, and you would get it in a few days! And they are annoying about the prices. I know what you mean, standing in front of it looks great!

    Nora: They hike it up to make a huge profit! yeah the US cheaper then everyone because its the whole damn country!

    busynow: this is the Bravia X series if I’m not mistaken, but thats Realllyyy cheap for the V series! They really are ripping us off!

  7. Financy

    Marzouq .. how much is it in UAE ?!

  8. Financy: 46 for 998 KD, 52 for 1700KD quiet a big difference!

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