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Prison Break Night


It was one hell of a day yesterday, but I managed to finish up and then I was meeting up my cousins to watch Prison Break! It was going to be all day and all night event.

We started at 6pm and finished at 11pm. We watched Episodes 5 – 10 of season 2. I was going nuts, I wanted to see more this is becoming more and more intense! I really need to get more episodes, but I know in a few more episodes I will be caught up and then its going to be episode to episode just like 24 and Heroes, so being caught up really is annoying.

We had a good amount of Chinese food, and there were lots of chocolates because they demanded it. We had Kit Kat, Twix, Bounty, and Snickers, the only one I ate was Bounty because I love the taste. And we were watching the burned dvds through my Xbox 360 at 720p and its even clearer then the DVD player and having the Xbox 360 remote is great.