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Risk Night


I had a rediculous amount of meetings today, but I was looking forward to having some of my friends and coworkers over after work. We all came straight from work, it was funny we were all tired but looking forward to a relaxing night. We were all talking to each other about work, but we had a few things we wanted to do and at the top of the list was play some Risk. But we also popped some Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires into the Xbox 360 and once we got into that it didn’t stop it was nonstop strategizing and fighting, decisions, and then we ate a little and decided to play some risk.

Playing Risk was hilarious since I was pissing some people off because of my erractic tactics, but I was enjoying that the most. I didn’t care if I was to win or lose it was just entertaining watching them getting worked up about me! hehehe! We were all laughing at the different reactions we were getting from people with American Dad playing in the background. As soon as a few of us were out, we got Dynasty Warriors going again, while people were playing Risk it was a good night, we needed it.

And I’m currently downloading 720p episodes of 24 and Prison Break! I can’t wait!