Sony Ericcson W610


The new Sony Ericsson W610, it has 7 hour battery life, and its meant to be a music listening device. Seems really cool and its a quad band, EDGE only, and 2.0 megapixel camera. It seems SE is coming out with alot of phones over the next couple of months.





Link: Engadget

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  1. after teh k800i, that is the best phone for SE

  2. Hi …

    *DiiGMaa looking left and right with a smirk on her face*

    Do I look too out of place here or do I still fit in after my long disappearance :P

    Oh I was waiting for the Black Diamond.. but turns out they’re not even gonna go through with the concept.. shame really.. I loved it.. wanted it..

    anyways do you know anything about Yoshimura parts darling ??

    oh yeah and I miss you, you silly boy !

  3. Did you notice how they have the ear buds on the side like the iPod, they are setting it up to be an iPod killer.

  4. Yea, thas ma top favorite from the other 10 they got out, but it’s so much like my W810i except for the rss feeds and the dimensions, i’m thinking of it, but the W880i is kinda cooler, but i’m afraid it’s TFD display and not TFT :(

  5. Nora-Cassandra

    I’m loyal to my Nokia!

  6. Checked them out yesterday, but its been too long since I read Engadget or Gizmodo, dammit I miss them!

  7. I’m saving my money for the i phone, although i love Sony Ericsson’s phones the k750i is the last mobile i will have, nothing can convene me to change until i buy the i phone :)

  8. Fonzy: yup its the best they came out with!

    DiiGMaa: hehehehe! HI! I know quiet a bit Yoshimura parts but for which Bike?

    Don Veto: yeah, I know they are going for the media player which seems interesting!

    BLaSha: We shall see how it looks when it comes in!

    Nora: lol!

    Jacqui: hehehe! Yeah you dont have time anymore!

    amjad mahfouz: iPhone wont be that good, it will be a bit overhyped!

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