Wierd Weather


There is something very strange with ths weather these days! I dont mind cold, hot, or wet weather but I can’t stand sand storms. The thing is it doesn’t have much use and its really annoying. The weather these days keeps changing and I don’t know if its going to rain, be hot, windy or anything else.

I have wanted to ride my motorcycle for the past two weeks, and as soon as I get up its dusty as hell or its raining or very windy. So then I can’t ride my bike in comfort because of these adverse weather conditions. It makes it annoying to go out because you keep seeing that it isn’t sunny outside and you don’t feel like it.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nora-Cassandra

    Well I don’t envy you with the sand storms! I think it’s 10 times worse than a snow storm!

    But you’re lucky in one thing man. That is: We get drive our bikes here in Fin Max 4 months, while we have to pay road taxes for a whole year to do that! You might not be able to ride for 2 months put all together. And I don’t remember you having a Road tax that kills your back!

  2. everything happens for a reason :) even bad weather :p

  3. Nora: yeah I know, but in california you get to ride your bike all year long too! And your right about the road tax too!

    Laialy: we shall see! hehehe

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