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DVD Burning


I have been burning a lot of DVDs the past year, it has reached the point where I burn three to four DVDs a week to watch all the different shows I am keeping up with. I have been using the Nero 7.03 with its DVD burning software and as of recently I have been using VSO ConvertXDVD.

Usually you can put a maximum of two 45 min episodes on a DVD, if you put more then two then the software will reduce the quality of the DVD so usually you wouldn’t want to do that.


  • You can customize the background and include music background in the menu
  • It can handle AVI and MPEGS but not MKV
  • Its very simple
  • Half way through a DVD it the sound and motion might distort so after that the sound is delayed 2-3 seconds which is extremely annoying, so after that I went looking for a different DVD burning software.

VSO ConvertXDVD:

  • This is a simple concentrated DVD burning software
  • Its flexibility is that it can burn practically everything to DVD, and the quality is extremely high.
  • I haven’t had any distortions with the DVDs that I burned with this software
  • Your only option with this software is changing the background, you can’t add background music
  • You can not move the titles or menu selection in the DVD menu
  • Your customization is limited, but the quality of conversion is the best I have seen