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Review: Apocolypto


Now this was one intense movie, its about Mayans vs. Aztecs from what I could tell. And you are faced but one young man called Jaguar Paw and it follows their way of life and how their way of life is disrupted. What is so intense is how savage they are yet it seems so normal, its not that you get used to seeing it on the screen but you realize that it is a matter of fact issue for them and they do what they have to do to survive. It gets you thinking about past cultures and your own culture of what is considered the norm and thinking if anything is wrong based on people looking at it from the outside. At the same time when you get a feeling for the people in the village you realize there is no difference between them and yourself because you feel you can relate to how they interact. This movie isn’t for the light hearted and I really liked it.

Link: IMDB