Ride After Work

I went home and dropped off my laptop and kept on riding because the day was so nice. I had one thing in mind to do which was to get a shave and shave my head. I look like the guy from Caveman and I needed to get cleaned up. So I was riding until my apppointment, but it was fun as hell riding in this beautiful weather. The only thing annoying about this day is because of the weather and it was pushing me a round sometimes so I did what I could to compensate but it was a damn nice feeling. Good music and nice roads, I was really pushing it a bit sometimes.

The best feeling I had was when I was getting the shave! That felt damn good, and then putting the helmet on I felt so damn clean.







This was one odd looking motorcycle, I spotted and I had to take picutres of it!




A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nora-Cassandra

    Riding while it’s windy!? I don’t think I’ll be doing that yet!

    Well good that you got to ride at last, and na3eeman for your shave!

    Love the pictures you took!

  2. Nora: Yeah, it took some energy out of me but felt damn good! Thanks! I like taking pictures, just wish I could take pictures of people, but that would be too difficult!

  3. is Robo getting any proposals? you are a sadist to keep him bachelor. LOL

  4. you are not getting a gurl coz of your speed! and anime madness…but Robo is a nice guy! it is indeed cruelty that you are not letting him marry coz girls are not after you..LOL…

  5. Hellraiser

    Marzooq, your overtaking maneuvre near show biz was nasty, i was the dude on the big harley on your right side. :)

  6. i second cyberrowdy….u’d better let ROBO marry…

  7. Cyber: hahaha! I should be getting a female partner some time soon! hehehe! With all these activities I seem to be very preoccupied!

    Hellraiser: sorry man, I didn’t recognize the bike but you seemed to be in a hurry as well. I had to take off because I was late for an appointment! hehehe! I love that corner though! Nice clean smooth sweep! I couldn’t help it!

    MAZE: lol! In due time!

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