Ride to Work


It felt fantastic getting up in the morning because I could see from my window that it was sunny. So I jumped right in the shower looking forward to riding my bike since it has been a while. I was literally flying through my usual routines and I started my bike when I got down stairs and I loved that rumble when it starts. I got on the bike with my back pack carrying my laptop and zoomed to work. I had to pump the clutch a lot since it was really cold and I had to get it warmed up and the fluids flowing.

I was flying to work for no reason except enjoyment and the roads were empty and I wanted to enjoy it! The only thing was that it was a bit windy and I could feel it pushing me but I did a lot to counter it. You just have to be ready and loose so that your ready to react to the wind changes, the worse thing is being forceful or stiff when riding, being nimble and loose is key.

Its just great that no one seemed to be going to work on Thursday.




A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i spy with my little eye @@
    Blue Mug
    Blue and Red pens maybe

    oh how i love this game ^_^

    :p glad you got to enjoy your ride

  2. Jafar

    Good for you Marzouq.Hope more people realize that 4 or 5 bikes can takeup the parking space needed for one car only,with easy acces too

  3. i spy with my little eye, outlook 2007 :p

  4. Nora-Cassandra

    I’m so happy to hear that you got to ride again at last! Working on Thursday? Hah! So you have what 1 day off a week?

  5. Lailay: loooooool! yup, you spotted everything! the funny part is that I drink water from the Mug! I dont drink coffee! hehehe! Yeah the ride was good!

    Jafar: I know two people who do ride at work, but I’m sure they would ride to work.

    Stafa: close, but not yet! hehehe!

    Nora: Yeah I only have one day off a week! Its a bit tiresome but what can we do! :)

  6. fadibou: Its really good! Never slowed down for me, had it since may and no problems yet!

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