Black Xbox 360


This is the new Xbox 360 which comes in black supposedly coming out in April.

“New Features”:

  • 120 GB HD
  • HDMI out
  • In Black Premium

So this is going to be interesting, they want to challange Sony with these upgrades, and it will also run cooler with 65nm chip instead of the 95nm. And it is now running a quiter drive so it won’t be as noisy as before. I’m looking forward to these changes, I hope they do release it soon.

Link: Engadget

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  1. … in line, a D&G golden xbox!

  2. cool, will probably get this then

  3. Mo Hat

    compared to a 90nm processor, and the 65nm fan makes it cooler, as less heat is being disspitated, and lowers production cost for microsoft.

  4. I just like the color otherwise I don’t like XBox-es

  5. lfc-q8

    maybe the dvd drive will support HD dvd l

  6. Eddy

    if you had to choose…black xbox 360 or ps3???

  7. Yazeed: Hell No!

    Mark: yup, wait for this!

    Mo Hat: very true, I hope it gets a bit cheaper, it will be a nice hit to Sony!

    Jacqui: looool!

    lfc-q8: I dont think they will do that yet!

    Eddy: Xbox 360, I’m happy with the games they have and I am really waiting for Halo 3!

  8. It’s cool but if I decided to get me one, I’d get the white color to go with my Wii, iPod and Mac LOOL

  9. lfc-q8

    Z why i have the external HD dvd drive so its out for a while now

  10. who cares about the box’s noise when the people playing it are so loud, at least that’s what happens at our house :/

  11. 600 $ for an upgraded back xbox is toooooooo much, and at the end of the day, you will have to play the same games.

  12. Angelo: hehehe! I hope the white one comes in HDMI too!

    lfc-q8: yeah, you are better off with the external HD so it will work with this one!

    Laialy: yeah, I know what you mean, but sometimes it really does get loud!

    fadibou: It will drop in price as quick as the other one did, just give it sometime!

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