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Good Chill Weekend


Episode 7 of 24 was insane, that means there is a lot going on then meets the eye and I can’t wait for episode 8! What the hell is Jack in for and how is he going to survive this one. This is the part when things start splitting up and they have to follow all the different leads. I was on the edge of my seat, and their are some political people that I really really hate.

I managed to get a good amount of riding this weekend, but I think my bike needs some tweaking. The clutch isn’t shifting right and I keep having to squeeze it after 5 -10 minutes of riding in one gear, but that isn’t a huge issue, I know it can be sorted out. I have a few upgrades that are coming in, I hope soon.

I got to see my nephew a bit this weekend, and he was funny as usual and he has this devilish look to him that he goes straight for something and thats great.

Getting a haircut or shaving my head, plus shaving the beard was exactly what I needed. I felt so damn clean after that and I felt very relaxed. And the beautiful weather couldn’t be any better. It was fantastic, it made for the week of the sand storms that just wouldn’t let up.

And getting to watch some good movies and a lot of anime was really chill. Just sitting in the basement and watching episode after episode, and some Dynasty Warrios in between! And now I want to beat Dynasty Warriors at hard, and its pretty damn hard, I have to use more strategy and I have to hit X alot. I never got used to commanding troops and assigning them to defend and attack, but now I have to. Then I got back to watching anime after beating one hard level.