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What a Day!


This has been one of great day, I was running between work and family. I officially have a very beautiful baby niece! I was at the hospital for a while waiting for news on the baby and the mother, I knew my brother was inside and I was praying for him, but for some reason I was too calm, I don’t know why. We heard both the mother and daughter were ok, and everything went well hamdilla. The mother was in recovery for a while, and after seeing my brother I went back to work. I couldn’t concentrate much, but I knew I had to finish a few things up before going back to the hospital.

When I left work I saw that my brother’s wife was ok, and she was in a good mood. I left her to rest and her family was there as well as my brother so I went to a place where I was needed. I went straight for my brother’s house to pick up my nephew. I picked him up, and I spent the whole day with him, it was great. He made me laugh, and I walked a lot since I took him outside for a little while. Before taking my nephew outside I dressed him up like a puffball so that he wouldn’t get a cold, but he looked funny to me. I was just happy I could entertain him while his mother and father were away. I has been a good day and I’m beat!