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Pretty Drained!


Well since the great news of having a new niece added to our little family I have been taking much of a break, and I was busy entertaining my nephew yesterday and then sitting with my mom. Then I had to get up early for work, I kept running around at that time as well just to make sure I finish up with work, but I didn’t finish up everything.

I got home washed my face and took my mother and nephew to the hospital to visit my brother and his wife. There were other people their but I was just watching my nephew interacting with the other kids, but the first time he saw his mother in bed he started crying. I can’t blame the little kid, he just knew something was up poor kid. Then when he saw the little baby he was just staring at her, it was cute, he didn’t know what to do. She looks all squishy still, and I don’t know who she looks like because thats all everyone keeps asking. Then there were a lot of women as to be expected but I was busy with my nephew and I was zoning out a bit since my head felt a bit light. I needed a bite to eat. I didn’t have anything to eat since the day before at 7:00pm, all I had all day was water and some tea. I needed sustanance!

After a little while we decided to head home, and I really don’t say much, I just waited because everyone was saying their good byes. When I got home I was playing with my nephew again until they made his dinner, and a little while after that they put our dinner, it was 8:00pm and I was so hungry I was going to chew through anything that was coming close to my mouth. And my nephew bit my finger and damn he can bite, it really hurt! hehehe!

What a day, I feel really drained, but happy. This isn’t going to be the easiet week, but I am happy as hell and I know my brother is probably going through a lot more then me. I just hope he gets some rest and I hope his wife rests up too.

Need to finish up work early tomorrow!