The slow Search…


I have stopped at different Co-ops over the last three weeks, and I have been searching for this gum and for the life of me I can’t find it! They keep telling me its sold out or they don’t have it! I couldn’t find it at Sultan Center, Yarmouk Co-op, Mishref Co-op, Dhahia Abdulla Al-Salem Co-op, Khaldiya Co-op, and De’eya Co-op. The only place I managed to find it is at a random baqalah in the Shuweikh Industrial Area! I was so happy I found it that I had four in the same day, I couldn’t get enough of the taste! Now I’m keeping the box with me at all times!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Sean

    ahhh.. its called fuzen.. its very addictive.. and i love those water tattoo things.. i had some earlier today.. think i’ll get some more now..

  2. Nora-Cassandra

    OH!!!! I remember this one!!! I was a small child then! Oh my Sweet GOD! Can you still find it there? WOW!

  3. i used to carry a box in the car at all times… but my car kinda stunk of it …. i call it felix!! maybe cause it reminds me of felix the cat… gotta love the old school taste.. brings back memories…

    like BANAK that brings back memoreis too hehe

  4. saw a couple at Shamiya Co-op and Bayan Co-op

    if you want to buy Candy / Gum in big quantity buy it from Shuwaik

    There are shops that cater for people who buy large quantity for like Gergean and Halloween

  5. Nora-Cassandra

    Oh Zed: BANAK!!! The one I used to buy from the young good looking guys on the round about in Rumeithya!!

    That does bring memories! I wish I could get some here in Finland!

    Old school days as you said!

    Are we that old? I can’t believe life flies that fast.

  6. Email me ur addy, i’ll send you dozens :D

  7. Missy-TheOriginal

    loooooool laialy i swear you and marzouk have so much in common! TEch stuff, movies, anime and now even the BUBBLE GUM!!! I’m gonna match you up :P It’ll be so easy to shop for a gift for you two- MORE BUBBLEGUM :p (jk)

  8. Sean: the name isn’t on it but damn I love it! I’m going to keep buying some boxes now that I know where to get it!

    Nora: hehehe! yeah you can still find it, but it keeps getting sold out! We aint that old, but we just have good memories that have little things that remind us of them!

    Zed: yeah it brings back memories! I never liked banak, it was never satisfiying, but the Fuzen gum just did it for me!

    Forzaq8: sweet! Thanks! I will buy a huge quantity and keep in storage!

    MAZE: I can’t promise!

    Jacqui: just say when! hehehe

    BLaSha: really! from where?

    Laialy: email me your addy and I will send it to you! I dont know if customs will let it through though! hmmmm

    Missy: loooool! hehehehe! Its good stuff! :)

  9. from our jam3iya, 6af7a karateen min hal 3looch :P

  10. HS

    Hi, my first comment on ur blog. Its been a while since I had one, but I remember I called it Fuzen Gum too…I’m sure the name must be somewhere in fine print.

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