Review: Nathan’s


The other day one my friend’s really wanted Nathans and I was thinking about something else but he wanted it so much I said why not. He kept speaking very highly of it especially their hotdog, and he tried in the US saying it was great and asking if I had it in the states, I said I never heard of it before, but by that time I was hungry as hell. When the food arrived we all ordered the same thing, and I was pretty hungry so I had a chilli cheese dog, a cheese burger, and fries.

When I saw it, it didn’t look that impressive but I thought let me taste it before making a decision. The fries weren’t anything special, but they werent bad so just dipped it in ketchup and kept eating. The hotdog was very bland and dry for some reason, I didn’t like it, and that is what I was really looking forward too. The Cheeseburger reminded me of Hungry Bunny for some reason, the only reason it didn’t get a 1 out of 5 was because it reminded me of Hungry Bunny from back in the day. The food wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t what I expected, but it wasn’t good either so I won’t be getting food from their again. There are a lot of better places then that. For a quick chilli dog the one from Hardeez is so much better!



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  1. Financy

    whats their number ?! i want to order from it ,
    i tried it in the US .. it ROCKS !! i was 99% sure it wasnt pork

  2. Nora-Cassandra

    A good chilli-dog or even a simple hot-dog was never easy for me to find in Kuwait!

    But Hungry Bunny! That is from the school days! Good memories!

    Merzouq: How old are you? If you don’t mind!
    It seems you’re not that much older nor younger than me! We have a lot of school days’ memories that seems that they are from the same period of time!

  3. Nathans !! what a name
    i’m not into that kind of food :/

  4. Honey: I was full, but it wasn’t the best! hehehehe!

    Financy: loool! 99% sure! hehehe! I don’t think this will be even half as good, it wasn’t that good really, but I will post up the number when I get it!

    Nora: I’m 25 Nora! And yeah not much of a difference at all, so thats how come there is a lot of same memories, and we can relate to a lot of the same subject! hehehe :)

    Laialy: I like burgers and chilli dogs! hehehe!

    Zombie: I will get the number for you guys ever after I said it wasn’t that good! hehehehe

  5. Nora-Cassandra

    3 years only!! So yes we probably did experience the same stuff! Same tastes and smells to remind us about those days!

  6. Missy-TheOriginal

    And i’m going to guess what Marzouq’s zodiac sign is!! (I think i’m good at this) Let us begin: According to the personality characteristics we have hetherto collected from his wonderful post we come to the conclusion that Mr.Zouq is either an Aquarius, Leo OR Capricorn… hehehe… me right?!

  7. Nathan’s Tel: 820002 AND THEY DOO DELIVER! Woohooo!

    They just started out Marzouq, give them some time so that the chemistry between the cook, staff, and what have you gets smoothened out. :)

  8. Zahed

    zook it wasnt that bad buddy but i guess the hotdog wasnt that great plus you had alot of ketchup on both the burger and the hotdog so i guess that killed the taste ;)

  9. Nora: hehehe! Very little difference! So a few of the same experiences!

    Missy: eemmm… your a little off, Cancer! hehehe

    1001: loool! I’m not that fond of it, but I will post the number! hehehe

    Zahed: Man it wasn’t that good, I put ketchup on the burger only, the hot dog I ate as is! Wasn’t impressed! We ate better before!

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