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Vibez Arrived


I ordered the Vibez back around January 22nd and it just arrived yesterday. It took a while to get to Kuwait due to Aramex’s slow turn around time. I was just happy to get it at last. Late in the day I opened up the box and saw the Vibez box, I really liked the packaging of the Vibez. It came a USB connection, headphones, an audio connection, a cloth to clean it, and the battery is removable like a phone which is pretty cool.

Its pretty small for a 12GB mp3 player, I expected to be bigger, but I’m happy that its this small and the screen is really bright and thats great. I really like the scroll wheel on the Vibez for then an iPob, it feels like you can do a lot with it and I like that. I piling up the music soon, I just have to find the time later.