Vibez Arrived


I ordered the Vibez back around January 22nd and it just arrived yesterday. It took a while to get to Kuwait due to Aramex’s slow turn around time. I was just happy to get it at last. Late in the day I opened up the box and saw the Vibez box, I really liked the packaging of the Vibez. It came a USB connection, headphones, an audio connection, a cloth to clean it, and the battery is removable like a phone which is pretty cool.

Its pretty small for a 12GB mp3 player, I expected to be bigger, but I’m happy that its this small and the screen is really bright and thats great. I really like the scroll wheel on the Vibez for then an iPob, it feels like you can do a lot with it and I like that. I piling up the music soon, I just have to find the time later.




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  1. thts a pretty big box for a mp3 player

  2. What’s so big about it ….. it the same size, and i think it is narrower than the IPOD Video … Marzouq it would be awesome if you can give us a feature and dimension/weight comparison between the Vibez and an Ipod

  3. Mabrooook 3al new MP3 Player.

    We are expecting a review or an impression for this baby :)

    Have a great time filling those 12GB

  4. zoomzoom

    lol, the first pic and last one !!!that box is too big for mp3 player!

  5. I saw it at Al-Ghanim for 105KD I believe.

  6. Nora-Cassandra

    Happy it got to you in one piece, even after all the waiting you did.

    The Vibez seems nice, but do let me know is it worth the it’s price? And how much did you pay for it?

  7. 1. mabrook
    2. it looks damn hot
    3. when you put music in there, please do share ;)

    (can you tell i like lists :p)

  8. Stafa: thats what I thought!

    fractal: I will give you an idea of what it does but I can’t do a comparison, I dont have all the details of an iPob I will give its full features once I give it the full rounds!

    Angelo: thanks! I will give an impression in about a few weeks! I like putting it through the hoops! 12GB is probably more then what I have, but I think I can fill it! hehehe!

    zoomzoom: hehehe, yeah!

    Jacqui: really? I got it for 220 from amazon so a little cheaper!

    Nora: Thanks! I will write up everything about it and if its worth it! I got it for $220!

    Laialy: thanks! do you want to know about the music or about the player? hehehe! yeah I like lists too! Makes it easier!

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