Zipping By


It seems this week is just going to be a busy week, and I dont mind at all. I was on my feet today between meetings and handling things and then with family. I just zipping from one place to the other! Its pretty funny, as long as I have good music I’m in a good mood.

It was great seeing my nephew and he had lunch with us which was pretty funny! I was feeding vegetable spring rolls because he saw me eating them and kept pointing at them. It was nice, then I took him to visit his mom, from there I kept going to my aunt’s house and then to my grand mothers house. I was chilling with family for a bit, and then there was no one to pick up my nephew from a little get together he was invited to and he was getting tired so I took off from the house flying like a demon to get to him! I kept picturing him being cranky so I was flying as fast as I could and to say that I was aggressive on the road is an understatement, as soon as I got there I knocked on the door and I asked for him saying I’m the uncle and gave a look which said “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY” hehehehe.. When I saw him I was much calmer and he stuck his hands out to me to take him so I did! What can I say, I have a sweet spot for the little guy! I got him into his seat and we were off! As soon as we got him they were putting him to sleep since it was late.

After settling down a bit I decided to have a sandwich so I decided on a labnah, with za’atar, and olives on lebanese bread and a lemonade! That really hit the spot! I’m just keeping things in mind what I have tasks to finish up at work as well as family I want to visit!

I’m planning to reallllyyyyy chill this weekend! It will consist of Heroes, Smallville, Prison Break, Anime, and Dynasty Warriors 5 ( I really want to finish it now!! on Hard!)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nora-Cassandra

    You keep yourself that busy you’ll be died soon! Really you’re just 3 years younger than me, but you have time and ready to go on for the full day with out getting your batteries charged! :)

    All my deep respect for you! :)

    Yes about the Heroes!! What is that about? what kind of TV show is it? I’m in love with the Prison Break now! But tell me what is this Heroes?

    Labnah, with za’atar, and olives on lebanese bread!!?? You get me in tears every time you talk about food! I want some! Haven’t had any for about 10 years! I think I’ll ask my man if we could go to Lebanon!

  2. little guy is lucky to have an uncle that cares :)

  3. “labnah, with za’atar, and olives on lebanese bread and a lemonade!” those are some of my favorite foods right there :D~

    thats awesome that you have a car seat for the little guy, i really admire that … not like most people who put their kids on their laps

  4. Zouq still running around…..energizer bunny!

  5. Nora: hehehe! No problem, you just keep going! Heroes is about people who discover that each one of them has a speicifc power and they are all connected and meant to do something! Its a great show! Sorry, I had to talk about my sandwich! hehehe

    eshda3wa: hehehe! I’m the lucky one!

    Laialy: hehe! Car seat is an extreme need! You have to have one!

    MAZE: looool! I try!

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