07 Honda CBR600RR


This is the revamped Honda CBR600RR and it is one aggressive looking machine. I have been on an 05 CBR600RR and they were rather mellow for being a supersport, but it seems like Honda has turned this around and made it more aggressive with a litte bit more push in the middle. I think it looks pretty nice, but I have never been a huge fan of the Honda paint scheme.







Link: Honda

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  1. Oddly enough this guy with me at work hehe is like I dreamt of you, and I’m like wt? he’s like that you had your car but you also had a CVR Motorcycle I think or something of the sort LOL! And that he became jealous because he wanted a bike and I had one yet he didn’t hehe I chose to translate it as I will be the #1 student and he would be jealous LOL!

  2. did u show this to that guy who likes motor riders? :p

    *ducks and runs*

  3. tazz

    looks a LOT better than the job they did with the new 1000rr, its like as if they WANT people to buy R1s. i lurved the 600rr when it was first released. Lurved it soo much infact that i was the second person to own it in dubai (and probably the first to crash it a couple of months later)

  4. Nora-Cassandra

    I like it too!

    We’re getting the 05 so i could go and get my driving license on it! I rather less than 1000cc for the test! My husband will keep it for himself! Or that what he thinks!

    I’m saving my money for a Ducati or Kawasaki in 2 years. I hope! So till then I’ll be the one using the CBR600!

  5. Jacqui: loooooool! Ok now thats funny!

    Swair: your walking a thin line!!!

    tazz: yup I agree! I hope were ok after your crash!

    Nora: very nice, its a agreat all rounder, and a good bike to learn on, its slightly tamed but the power is there for you to use!

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