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Vista in Mind…


Nifty features and nice look and feel to it, but it does bog down even the high systems because like any new windows system it requires a lot of resources to show how nice things can be. People are slowly discovering holes here and there, but that was to expected for something of this size. I think that Vista is a good thing, but it needs to be tweaked and adjusted.

I don’t recommend to upgrading to Vista yet because a lot of hardware and software have yet to work properly with the system. It isn’t as seemless as you have been used to with Windows XP. A lot of drivers for Hardware isn’t available yet and they are working on it, but its still annoying that a piece of hardware can’t work with the specific system. The Ready Boost features for Vista does make a difference for application launch with computers that have 512MB to 1GB of Ram, but the affect is miniscul when a PC has 2GB Ram.

People seem to be confused about the different versions of Vista and what are the drawbacks of each and what would satisfy their needs. And there is a workaround for buying the Windows Vista Upgrade instead of the full version. Vista has a lot to juggle over the next couple of months but it will be a little clearer and more stable towards the summer and the first major patch will probably on offer in Q3 or Q4 of 07 since they got a head start on it.

I think I’m going to install it on my media pc to try it out since there isn’t anything on it that I really need, and I have a few things in mind to replace the media pc and its dedicated for streaming HD quality video and audio to my screen. I’m honestly looking forward to the install and all the problems that way I know what is going to happen, just like experimenting with XP back in the day.