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Nifty features and nice look and feel to it, but it does bog down even the high systems because like any new windows system it requires a lot of resources to show how nice things can be. People are slowly discovering holes here and there, but that was to expected for something of this size. I think that Vista is a good thing, but it needs to be tweaked and adjusted.

I don’t recommend to upgrading to Vista yet because a lot of hardware and software have yet to work properly with the system. It isn’t as seemless as you have been used to with Windows XP. A lot of drivers for Hardware isn’t available yet and they are working on it, but its still annoying that a piece of hardware can’t work with the specific system. The Ready Boost features for Vista does make a difference for application launch with computers that have 512MB to 1GB of Ram, but the affect is miniscul when a PC has 2GB Ram.

People seem to be confused about the different versions of Vista and what are the drawbacks of each and what would satisfy their needs. And there is a workaround for buying the Windows Vista Upgrade instead of the full version. Vista has a lot to juggle over the next couple of months but it will be a little clearer and more stable towards the summer and the first major patch will probably on offer in Q3 or Q4 of 07 since they got a head start on it.

I think I’m going to install it on my media pc to try it out since there isn’t anything on it that I really need, and I have a few things in mind to replace the media pc and its dedicated for streaming HD quality video and audio to my screen. I’m honestly looking forward to the install and all the problems that way I know what is going to happen, just like experimenting with XP back in the day.

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  1. If it is on your media system, keep in mind itunes does not work on it yet.

  2. Yeah but for someone who doesn’t use an IPOD itunes isn’t really necessary, and since it is going to be installed onto a media server it can benefit from Vista’s media center capability.

    Who Needs I Tunes … Winamp and VLC are truley the best for music and Video.

  3. Veto is right, I dont know about you guys but Itunes I prefer over the other programs.

    And another thing I dont know if a lot of multiplayer games are Vista ready – I doubt it (Everquest, Eq2, Vanguard, WoW etc.

    Better to wait.

  4. Fractal: VLC is amazing, it can play almost anything and can stream media, capture DVDs, etc. but you need to be a geek to take advantage of all its power.

  5. Did you know that only Vista the Business edition and Vista Ultimate are the ones that allow networking in them, and the other versions *according to the salesman in the InfoConnect Show* don’t have a networking feature.

  6. microsoft has really gone all out because (according to the info session i went to) they have changed the way security is maintained on a network rather than sending out your user name and password they have this concept of passing a token which is a bit crazy
    oh well i am gana stop now

  7. Don Veto: Don’t use iTunes so no worries there! I’m a geek that loves VLC! This is completely a test system to see where it screws up!

    Fractal: I’m getting a machine to serve as the streamer to the TV, this Vista Machine will be my guinea pig!

    Eddy: thats the point, its completely a test machine. I want to see where they are at with it!

    BLaSha: loool!

    amer: I totally dislike iTunes, and this isn’t going to be a gaming machine. Its going to be a test machine!

    Jacqui: yeah I know thats why I’m only going to install Ultimate and thats it!

    Laialy: loool! We shall see how it is with them!

  8. Get a mac ! windows vista is just a copy of what Mac OSX tiger (the current version) is Mac OSx Leopard is way more advanced than any Vista ever will be . coming out march !

  9. i second g-funk .. i sent my 17inch toshibia laptop for repair and get a rental apple from the store till they fix my laptop .. i was blown away .. mac is style design and performance , on the other hand vista is just copying mac with slower performance than xp!! except for directx 10 there is nothing special in vista .. in my opinion .. i would like to get a macbook pro with 2 gig of ram, install boot cam and run mac os and vista natevly so i would have the best of both worlds

  10. DJ.. it’s Boot Camp not cam :-)

    And yes you are right. you can run both OSX and windows Xp or even vista on the same machine at the same time using either paralels or VMware. as a matter of fact you can run several OS’s all at the same time with paralels or VMware on the mac and get the best of every world .

    Microsoft is just copying what apple is doing and claiming its their own . once OSX leopard comes out this march you’ll be sorry for every penny you spent on vista . my advice is leave windows alone. move to the mac and live your life as it should be.. be in control of your computing life. don’t let it control you.

  11. G-Funk: I dont think VM Ware works with Vista. I agree with you that Max OS X is fantastic and Tiger is probably amazing, but I want to try Vista for practice purpose and figure out its ins and outs! :)

    DJ: Apple is great but it isn’t practical in a work enviroment, its difficult to figure out how to integrate with a lot of the resources. I want to get an apple one day but right now I want to try out Vista. How did you rent an Apple in Kuwait any way?

  12. Marzouq ,

    Who said that a mac isn’t practical in the work enviroment ? and who said that it’s difficult to figure out how to intergrate it with resurces ? That’s it clearly something that a mac illiterate would say. mac’s are TRUE plug and play . and there isn’t anything that you cannot do on the mac if not better !! Windows vista is a 99.9% rip off of Mac OSX Tiger (the current version of mac OSX) that was released 2 years ago. the upcoming version of OSX is called “Leopard” which is 1000 years ahead of anything else out there.

    Macs are made for people that want the computer to work for them.. not for them to work for the computer like it is with windows “Drivers, Reboots, back doors, viruses, etc” the mac is a stress free enviroment and it’s a place for the creative mind to unleash his or her talent and not to worry about compatability and drivers or speed.

    Once you try a mac . you won’t go back.. ..

  13. Marzouq sorry it took me forever ro answer back .. actually i live in Canada right now, BestBuy gave me a choice for any laptop in the store till they fix my windows laptop so i went with apple and it s been a pleasent experince so far .also to mention u can always run windows and linux on that lil stylish white box :)

  14. G-Funk: I have been working on Linux and Unix for a while back now so its not that I’m not familiar with the interface, but when you have certain types of software that is only developed for the windows platform, this all I am saying for experience sake. I agree that Tiger does a lot of things better, but the majority of businesses run on Windows so I’m stuck having to be very familiar with it. Thats about it, overall I prefer the interface on a Mac. Its just which one can be used more and at this point its still Windows.

    DJ x fader: yeah I know what you mean! I will pick up an Apple, its only a matter of time!

  15. Marzouq,

    Trust me , once you go mac you’ll never go back. Most pro apps are built for the mac . even business are now thinking of switching platforms to the mac and utilize the power of unix there. windows will have to think of establishing a new OS from scrach rather than building ontop of NT and XP . not to mention copying Mac OS all the time . come up with something original and improve security .

  16. G-Funk: hehehe! Switching over for people isn’t really the case for a majority of businesses, like I said creative businesses do work on Mac but most business and governments operate on Windows. The reason why there “seems” to be less holes in the mac is because they are targeting windows, and windows does have a lot of holes. I’m in defense of either just stating it as I see it. Businesses already utilize the power of Unix, Linux, Solaris, and Oracle while using a Windows interface. I see it all the time. And Windows is copying Apple for a reason, its better in a lot of ways! ;)

  17. Who said that Unix or linux or even solaris ins’t utilized in businesses ? it is .. but just like you said it’s been accessed through a “WINDOWS” interface . Why having to deal with a “Bug Filled” OS to access your secure data while you can do that on a much more secure OS like a mac or directly from a Linux or a Solaris machine ? the only reason businesses uses windows is because its cheap and its widly available .. not because it’s secure or anything like that. Once macs and other open source OS’s becomes widely available. evey business is going to switch to them. Microsoft just reported that sales of their “LONG” awaited Super OS “Vista” Flopped. no oneis interested in it. the reason for windows being more tageted by hacked isn’t because it’s widely installed .. it’s because it’s poor security and easy to access system registry. that’s the main reason.. add to the fact that it’s widely out there. mind you that hackers are now tirgeting macs more than windows based PC’s . and scintest are leaning more to the mac platform than windows because of it’s security and power of maniging and processing data than any “WINDOWS” machine out there. with the fact that it has UNIX underneeth it’s hood that makes it easier for them to deploy .

    I’m not a recent switcher/user of the mac platform. i’ve been using it for years and moved to it 100% 10 years ago. i don’t use windows personally. only when i have to at work or that sort of thing.But I’m a 100% mac operated . you should be one too :-)

  18. G-Funk: I know that Vista flopped in sales, what did they expect, you have to have a highend computer to operate it, and there are a lot of compatability issues, but I do agree with you that Unix, Linux, and Solaris are being used by some businesses and accessed through Windows. The thing is that Windows have their hands everywhere and Apple is a lot more widely spread then before, I’m going to be waiting for Leopard release before jumping the boat and checking it out. I just want to be familiar with Vista and its problems too. But its going to be interesting to say the least!

  19. I’m tellin’ you. once Leopard launches . say goodbye to Windows Vista :-)

  20. Oh.. and in where i work,, we access real Unix machines/Linux machines and solaris using Unix and Lunix based machises.. to windows invalved . though our local clients are windows. but most are Linux . with a few macs.

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