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HD-DVD, Blu-Ray… DVD


There are a lot of options out there right now, and people are coming out with the second generation Blu-Ray and HD DVD players. I am seeing more Blu Ray titles being sold, but when it comes to quality both are pretty damn good. Samsung, Toshiba, LG, and other manufacturers are all trying to come out with the perfect player. Some concentrate so much on the new formats that they forget about the DVD format, but every year there are leaps and bounds in this technology. Things seems to be a lot clearer this year, but I still want to give it some time.

Most of my collection like everyone else is now DVDs, it was a lot easier to switch to DVDs since the quality and benefits over VHS were clear as day, but with two formats to choose from we don’t which camp we wan’t to be in or in both. They are also including these players and burners in PCs, so as it spreads in PCs it will be used more then before. I have to say that the quality of each format is nothing short of fantastic but I still want to keep my DVD collection and see how this goes.